Friday, September 17, 2010

Nars New Palettes Available Online Now!

Only You, Eye and Cheek palette. Image from
The new Nars Artist palettes (for their 15th anniversary) are now available to order online at the Nars website. Both palettes zip shut and are limited edition, with limited quantity so get yours fast! (it also means they're non-returnable). My favourite is pictured above, the $65 USD Only You eye and cheek palette which includes the eyeshadow shades: Alhambra I (Metallic Rose Mist- I'm assuming this means metallic grey-pink), Mekong (cult favourite, Expresso infused with gold- aka sparkly dark dark brown), Eurydice I (electric aubergine- shimmery purple), and Pandora II (boring matte black). It also has two blushes Hungry Heart I (iridescent gold ivory) and Orgasm (cult favourite- peachy pink with shimmer). All in all it's a great deal considering how expensive Nars items are, and especially because both items ship free. On top of that if you decide to order over a total of $60 USD then you can get 18% off with the code 099CP0410 until September 18th (the numbers are zeros, not Os). Thank-you to My Lips But Better for the code! I really like her review format and helpful swatches if anyone is interested about her blog.

Image from, Beautiful Life Lip and Cheek palette.
The Beautiful Life palette is another beautiful zip up palette that costs $10 less at $55 USD. In my opinion its a good thing it zips up because all the cosmetics within are sticky with lipsticks, and multiples inside. The lipsticks include: Sexual Healing (shimmering pink blossom- aka shimmery dirty pink), Honolulu Honey (peachy colour, described as Quintessential flesh toned beige), Roman Holiday (cult favourite, Delicate pastel pink), and Funny Face (bright fuchsia). The multiples are Copacabana (beautiful silvery colour described by Nars as "glistening pearl") and Orgasm (Peachy pink with shimmer).

If I hadn't just spent $60 CND this week on more nail polish and a new primer I'd be tempted (not that Nars ships outside of the United States. *shakes head at lost income for the silly company*)

What about everyone else? Like it, not like it? Let me know!

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