Thursday, September 16, 2010

Umbra Brush Storage

If you don't already know, I've recently started up my Autumn semester for school (4th year!) and so recently moved into my new place for the year. I'm in a lovely little townhouse near campus (5 min. walk past sheep, cows and horses, yay Guelph!) with my one roommate Karen and for the first time actually have a nicely sized bedroom (though our bathroom is very small and dim). However, upon setting up my makeup area I realized that a) I desperately needed more counter space and b) I had no place to store my brushes.
I must have mentioned something to my mom, because the next time I saw her she brought me this, the Umbra counter organizer.
Front of label
Back of label
As you can see, the label shows its use in both the bathroom (not useful for me as I have electronic gadgets galore in the bathroom!) and as a makeup brush holder. I gleefully hugged my maternal unit and grabbed the brushes that came with me to school and put them in along with a couple eye products and lip stains. 
View from above
Honestly, I love this! I like how it's got different heights so I can store different length brushes and products, I like how it's see-through so I can see labels on my lip products and I like how all the tubes are stuck together so one doesn't wander off as things are wont to do to me. 
The tubes also detach from the bottom so if you lose something like a lid in the bottom you can easily get it out, without turning the entire unit over. Although on the expensive side (like all Umbra products- they make really lovely picture frames), at $14.99 CND (in Sears), I totally think that this holder is worth the money. It cuts down so much aggravation in the morning when I'm rushing to get makeup done in time for class and I'm desperately seeking a specific brush. No pawing through multiple bags, no brushes rolling off table tops, no throwing things around to see if my mascara is beneath them, everything is right at my fingertips. 
What about everyone else, how do you store/display your brushes? 

Rating: 8/10 Because of the price tag!


  1. Wow you have so many brushes! I definitely need to get more, especially ones for post nail painting clean-up!

  2. I was given a set of brushes, thats were most of them came from, I also really like the Ecotools brushes, they're so soft so I have quite a few of them! I never thought of brushes for nail clean up but that sounds like a really good idea. Thanks for your comment!