Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just Because It's Pretty

It's been awhile since I've done a Just Because It's Pretty post so I thought I do another one for you today. It's a mix of brands today all with an Earth theme. Enjoy!

Here's a recap on what Just Because It's Pretty is: I've decided to start a new series of posts called "Just Because It's Pretty". These are products (from as usual, non-animal testing brands), that are especially lovely to gaze upon. Whether it's the pattern of the powder or the packaging! These are not reviews, but instead just products that are tempting due to looks alone. Tell me some of your favourite beauty items that you like to have out to decorate!

From the Vogue China Website
Red Earth is an Australian Brand that had out this amazing earth based collection for summer. It was almost impossible to find out any more information about them so all I really have for you is pics, so here's some more!
Starfish face powder
Earth eyeshadow (khaki and sky blue)

Earth eyeshadow, dark Khaki green and light off-white

Earth eyeshadow, royal purple and light brown-gold
Next up we've got a well know drugstore brand in North America Physician's Formula. Their bamboo wear powder and compact are really lovely and 100% sustainable!
Note that the brushes are made with natural hair (and bamboo)
 Image from Physician's Formula Website

Image from Physician's Formula Website
The refillable compact can hold either face powder of bronzer and has magnets that hold the pan in and the entire swivel case together. The bamboo case is all polished to a silky soft shine and a mirror is included, though the powder needs to be bought separately. The compact costs $9.79 CND.

Refillable powder (Image from Physician's Formula Website)

The powder goes under the name "Silk Powder" made from bamboo and it really does feel silky soft! It's 90% natural, oil-free, non-comedogenic, Paraben free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Available in a variety of shades, all with the cute bamboo leaf design that goes through the powder, it costs $13.99 CND for 0.33 oz of powder.

Image from Google Images

Image from Google images

One of Guerlain's beautiful limited edition palette's this lovely quad has neat green shimmer overspray in the shape of leaves on the bright summer coloured eyeshadows! Not available for sale anymore to my knowledge.

So that's everything for now! What did you like? Not like? If I could get a hold of one, a globe eyeshadow from Red Earth would be mine! Let me know what you thin in the comments! 

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