Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wet n' Wild Haul

The entire haul (Yay!)
Yesterday, I desperately needed AAA batteries as today I have an in class quiz which requires my clicker to work if I want the marks. So, after class I biked my way across a field and a future shop parking lot to a nearby Zellars when I gladly remembered that they had WET N' WILD! This won't seem so exciting to those in the USA as Wet n' Wild is in almost every drugstore nearby. For us in Canada, Wet n' Wild only shows up in Zellars and Walmart both of which are usually free-standing and far away from any other shops which costs money for gas (especially since I don't have my full license, and my mom -who is my main driver/poor soul who has to deal with my cosmetic obsession- dislikes both stores). But since I was alone, I happily splurged on the wonder that is Wet n' Wild.
Colour enhanced to show better to reality nail polish colour 
Why am I so excited for a drugstore brand? Because Wet n' Wild is super super cheap, they recently (as in last  years) revamped everything to make it excellent-holy smokes pigmented- quality, and they don't test on animals. What more could you want!?

Lets get started here's the eyeshadows:
Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Single in Kitten
Kitten is the least pigmented of the three, and the least smooth which is kind of sad because it's such a lovely colour! Know to be a near dupe for NARS single eyeshadow in Strada (a long time lemming for me) I couldn't pass this up! A smokey purple eyeshadow with gold shimmer, even when comparing this to the other shadows I still think this was worth the $2.99 CND spent.
Wet n' Wild Color Icon Single Eyeshadow in Envy
Continuing with the sin theme in the Color Icon palette line this little gem packs a punch. And not a jealous one either! A rich buttery smooth Emerald green, I'm so glad I didn't put this back on the shelf like I was going to (I felt guilty considering this is probably my 10th dark green eyeshadow). Shimmery without being frosty, I'd pay triple the price for this. (Also $2.99 CND)
Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Single in Brulee
I've wanted this eyeshadow since I was told it would match my skin colour and that it was a good matte shade for a drugstore brand. UNDERSTATEMENT! This shadow is one of the creamiest, most luxe, highly pigmented matte eyeshadow I have ever felt. EVER! I'm comparing this to brands like Laura Mercier, Guerlain and Urban Decay here, this one would win against all three competitors, I kid you not. I just know this is going to become a staple for me for evening out the discolouration of my eye area. I'm blown away.
Dim light, Envy, Brulee, and Kitten

Natural light, Envy, Brulee, and Kitten 
Can you see the richness of Envy? The gold shimmer of Kitten? The non-chalkiness of Brulee? Happiness your name is eyeshadow.
For anyone interested here is the eyeshadow ingredient list

Next up are the polishes!

The polishes in daylight, best representation of the two dark cream polishes colour  (far left and far right)
Three of these polsihes are from the limited edition Insomnia collection, in these cute little bottles for $2.99 CND each. This seems to be the Halloween collection of polish out and I bought three of six polishes from it (one colour was gone already). 
In the picture above you can see, from left to right: Night Owl, Sleep Walker, Inferno, and Black Fog.
Starting with Inferno, this adorably bottled polish is $2.99 CND and is part of the permanent Craze line. Inferno is a bright pumpkin orange with beautiful gold shimmer though out. The bottle holds 0.34 fluid ounces or 10 milliliters of polish.

Night Owl is a deep dark purple cream, Sleep walker is a charcoal-black based orange glitter, and Black Fog is a almost black navy cream. All three hold 0.29 fluid ounces or 8.5 milliliters of polish. From the one I've tried (Black Fog- NOTD coming soon!), they are super pigmented and have a lovely shine when dry. Here's some swatches:
Bottom to Top: Night Owl, Black Fog, Sleep Walker, Inferno

Bottom to Top: Night Owl, Black Fog, Sleep Walker, Inferno.
What do you think? Personally I'm beyond impressed! Are you interested in trying anything by Wet n' Wild?

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