Friday, September 24, 2010

In The Coming Week...

Hello, all! I just got back home and I'm going to be busy busy this weekend! I've got a list that seems to be getting longer all the time but I have included make-up on the list, so I've not forgotten you!
I've just received my Cargo Activating Primer so I'll had an initial impressions up about it late next week and I'm also going to be stopping by Sephora to pick up some samples of things to try out and review for this blog. I'll also be packing and bringing more of my cosmetics with me so you'll get some new FOTDs. And with my new Glow Magazine hopefully I'll be inspired! I've got of course another Just Because It's Pretty coming soon, a NOTD that embodies the spirit of Halloween and hopefully I'll be able to swatch some things at Sephora, in particular the Josie Maran Argan I Love You palette. So though this weekend might be barren, try to stick it out with me as I get through readings I've been putting off, an allergic reaction thats lasted all week, various everyday activities like doing laundry and grocery shopping and hopefully I'll have some great posts for you soon!
- Love, Hebridean Sprite

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