Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Illamasqua Art of Darkness Collection

Illamasqua's jewel toned Art of Darkness collection is up for pre-order on the Illamasqua site with pictures of all the items in the collection along with character profiles. The Character profiles deserve a look if you've got the time, even if you're not interested in the collection because they are absolutely stunning! Here's a couple of pictures of the characters:
I love the dark blue lipstick!

The monochromatic look of this entire image (including eye colour!) is really soft, I adore it.
Here are some items in particular that have caught my attention:
Nail varnish
The jewel tones in this are so lovely! I'm a particular fan of gem colours in general and especially for fall. The dark hunter green-turquoise polish, Viridian, is so close to my favourite colour I'm longing for it! *grabby fingers* The set of four is 39.50 GBP or each polish by itself is 13.00 GBP.
Fake lashes No. 26
I personally don't wear fake lashes, as in I've never actually had them on (I know shocking for a beauty blogger to admit it, but it's true!) but I'd love love to try these. The feathery ends of these honestly makes me think of really elegant black swans and ballet dancers pretending to be black swans. Anyways, these beauties are also part of the collection and retail for 17.50 GBP.

Dark Blue Lipstick: Disciple by Illamasqua
This dark blue lipstick called Disciple is something I'd wear once in a blue moon but isn't it awesome! I love the idea of dark almost navy blue lips. If only I could wear such colours to class at school without gaining strange looks. The only lipstick in the Art of Darkness collection, Disciple cost 15.00 GBP.

These are just my picks from the collection from what I've seen online, but there are more really unique "alter ego" items on the Illamasqua website here! What do you think about the collection? Really cool? Totally stupid? Let me know! :D

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