Saturday, July 30, 2011

Morgana Cryptoria Vegan Lipstick~ Review

T-B: Absinthe, Rose Plum
If you haven't heard of Morgana Cryptoria Vegan Lipsticks yet it's time to check these babies out! Morgana Cryptoria's Lipsticks are cult favourites across the indie cosmetic market for a bunch of different reasons. I'll go into the greatness of the formula later but for now I want to talk about the colours. The variety and intensity of these are AMAZING! From neutral to exotic there is literally a colour for everyone so don't get scared away by the super bright punk shades.
Here are all the current shades from Morgana Cryptoria sorted by colour:

Reds and Pinks

  • Mistress- Deep plum toned brown-red cream
  • Twinkling Rubies- Red with shifting sparkles of pink and gold
  • Very Cherry- Rich medium red cream
  • Azalea Blue- Hot pink with a blue sheen
  • Fire Coral- Bright and warm red cream
  • Love Lies Bleeding- Deep medium red cream
  • IT Girl- Warm and bright red
  • Cat's Pajamas- Brick rose-red
  • Speakeasy- Creamy raspberry
  • Flirtatious Flapper- Very dark red cream
  • Very Strawberry- Pinkish red with subtle metallic red highlights
  • Gilded Cerise- red-pink with gold sheen
  • Dianthus- Pink with a pink sheen that shifts to silvery-green
  • Roses and Violets- Light pink with a violet sheen 
  • Totally Tubular- Hot pink cream
  • Gilded Ballerina- Pale pink with intense gold sheen (NOT VEGAN)
  • Metallic Maiden- Bright red with slight metallic sheen

Berries and Purples

  • Amethyst- Eggplant
  • Shifting Violet- Bright purple with red undertone and a shift of blue-green to silver
  • Plumeria- red-plum with shifting blue-green sheen
  • Plum Crazy- Muted plum with slight metallic finish, gold and pink shifting sheen
  • Blackberry- Blackened plum with hint of a red undertone
  • Sangria- Cool tones rose cream with hint of purple
  • Ravenna- Deepest red-black cream
  • Shrieking Violet- Bright violet cream

Greens and Blues

  • Absinthe- Deep metallic green
  • Brilliant Lime- Bright green with a yellow under tone and a duochrome of bright green and coppery-pink
  • Enchanted Emerald- Medium green with light green highlight, changes to dark grey-green with a slight coppery sheen
  • Fire in the Sky- Medium sky blue with a pink-red sheen that shifts gold
  • Enchanted Sapphire- Deep blue with of blue to blue-green to blue-violet
  • Sub Zero- Bright neon medium blue
  • Medusa- Olive green with gold tones

Browns and Golds

  • Goldrush- Metallic gold
  • Cocoa- Beige brown cream
  • The Charleston- Deep red-plum brown
  • Gilded Brown- Warm brown with very intense gold sheen
  • Platinum Chocolate- Deep brown with grey undertone, silver shine and some silver sparkle
  • Mocha Blast- Brown with hints of red sparks
  • Clay Bakin'- Peachy Brown cream
  • Lust After Midnight- Blackened red with a brown undertone and slight metallic sheen

Oranges, Peaches and Yellows

  • Bee's Knees- Warm light pumpkin orange
  • Shrieking Orange- Bright orange cream
  • Sunset Peach- Light peach with a gold and pink shift
  • Tangerine Twist- Orange metallic
  • Violet Banana- Vivid yellow with a pearly violet sheen and chartreuse shift
  • Coraline's Kiss- Coral-peach

Greys, Blacks, Silvers

  • Silverwitch- Metallic silver
  • Licorice- Matte black with cream finish
  • Lysette- Light grey
  • Gargoyle's Glance- Dark grey with gold, copper and red tones

Full Sun- Rose Plum
Natural Outdoor Light- Rose Plum
Bright Sun T-B: Absinthe, Rose Plum
Shade T-B: Absinthe, Rose Plum
The most interesting thing about these lipsticks is the formula. They go on slightly dry but after a few minutes they seem to almost melt into your lips and they become almost more fluid. They seem to transform into something you can barely feel on at all. On top of that the lasting power and pigmentation of these is phenomenal. Honestly, I've never tried another lipstick formula that lasts half as long and that I know will make it through a meal.
Wearing Absinthe
The packaging for these is good too. The lipsticks come in tubes made of black plastic which is sturdy and easy to wind up and down.
There are little stickers on the bottom that list the company name and the shade which is nice because you can't tell the shades apart in the tubes otherwise.

You get one full size lipstick tube for $10-12 USD depending on the shade. Both of the colours I've worn (Absinthe and Rose Plum which is sadly now discontinued) last a minimum of four hours on me which is fantastic since I'm often drinking or eating. If you layer them they'll last even longer (i.e. more than one coat of the shade you want), subtly staining your lips too. 

To see lip swatches for current and past Morgana Cryptoria Lipstick shades You HAVE to check out this awesome collection of blogger swatches! Just click on the description of the shade and the pictures will come up underneath. So useful don't you think?

Morgana ships fairly quickly and shipping isn't too expensive, within the USA it's $5 USD and international I believe is around $7 USD. However, if you're like me I'd order more than one so that the shipping cost is spread out a bit :D

Overall I love these lipsticks! Though they can feel slightly drying when you first apply they last and last and last. Plus there are so many wonderful unique shades! The price is great, the customer service is good, and the formula rocks. You can't get much better than these in my humble opinion. It should be noted however that these do feel quite different (much drier) upon application than any normal lipstick however. That is something to be aware of going into it then I think you'll be able to enjoy them to the fullest.

Sprite Rating: 10/10 I've never found anything better and I doubt I will any time soon. Holy Grail.

Would I buy these again? YES! In fact I recently made another MC haul, a lipstick was included :D

NOTE: I have found the darker shades better consistency than the lighter ones, Peach Sunset tends to apply patchy for me unfortunately.


  1. Wow, both of those are gorgeous. I have to say, I have heard nothing but raves about her lippies, so I'm not surprised you love them too. A great review!

  2. Thanks so much Nicole! I tried to be very fair with my review, these are great lipsticks though. I tend to choose one of these if I want a colour I know is going to make it through a meal. They do feel quite different from a regular lipstick though so you have to be a bit prepared going into it I think. Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks so much for this post. I'm new to Morgana Cryptoria and have tried her wonderful lip balms, which are beautiful. Absinthe was already on my list of her lipsticks to try - now I'm definitely ordering it! xxx

  4. You're very welcome Wendy! I've recently received my lip balm order from her which I'm loving too! Absinthe is beautiful- the perfect forest green with a blue undertone instead of a yellow one. LOVE. Hope you'll like it as much as I do.