Saturday, July 23, 2011

Morgana Cryptoria New Items!

Image from Morgana Cryptoria
If you aren't familiar with Morgana Cryptoria's lipsticks you should become familiar as soon as possible! They are vegan and super pigmented and long wearing. I've got two already Rose Plum and Absinthe and I love them both muchly :D. You can see my first impressions post here and I'll most likely be doing a formal review of Rose Plum lipstick soon. Morgana has introduced a brand new line of them the 1920's collection with awesome names like Speakeasy and Bee's Knees. Really awesome looking shades- very classy! You can check them out here and can see the full photoshoot of the collection done by Glitter is my Crack for the collection which is amazing. (Also she's having a giveaway of the whole collection which you can enter from that link too!)
Spellcaster Lip Balm
Image from Morgana Cryptoria
New Lip Balms! And oh my god are they amazing! There are SOOOOO many to choose from and I want them all!!!! My favourite (and on my ordering list of things I want reallllllly badly) is the one pictured above Spellcaster. Isn't it amazing? My words can not even justify how much I want this. Purple and blue! Ahh!

Also she's got a bunch of other things in the works and coming soon too! Gel lipsticks, lip glosses, a couple new shades of vegan lipsticks Metallic Grape being one of those (plus some new shades she just released to the regular line- Lysette, Gargoyle, Medusa, and Totally Tubular which are already available). And in an eyeshadow collection that matches the lip balms called doppelganger lip balm shadows. So exciting! Morgana Cryptoria is just churning out the awesomeness isn't it?


  1. Wow! Super pigmented! Do you have any of her lipsticks to show?

  2. @ Tracy: Hey! Yes I do I'll add the link above, but you can also go here-
    there is the two lipsticks swatched I own from her Rose Plum and Absinthe. :D Hope that helps!