Wednesday, July 6, 2011

GOSH Summer Collection

GOSH's summer offerings are all about the fun brights of blues and oranges. In the collection there are two eyeshadow cream trio palettes, two nail polishes, 2 cream blush sticks, 2 lipsticks and 2 liquid liners. Here's a closer look.
I didn't get the names of the lipsticks down (sorry!) but they are both shades of orange. This on is the brightest of the two with a slightly sheerer finish and a slight shimmer. Really punchy and bright!
This is the second lipstick, which on first glance looks much the same. However there are some differences to note. This orange is slightly more subdued and doesn't have a shimmer throughout. In addition it has a cream finish to it making it not as sheer as the previous one.
Orange trio cream shadow Palette
The orange trio cream shadow palette has a warm light bronze, a bright orange and a dove grey.
The blue cream shadow trio has a royal blue a steel blue and a lemon yellow. :D
L-R: Forbidden Daydream, Tropical Breeze
The Cream Blush sticks are both shimmery but very finely. One is more coral-orange where the other is bronze-brown-orange. They were really small and cute.
Lastly (though not least) is the GOSH Artliners. One is in a bright Caribbean blue and the other (in the back) is a royal blue. At the front is just plain black. I've heard good things about these liners that they're pigmented and ware well but I haven't tried them myself yet. Loving the colours of these though!

What do you think? You liking the blue and orange or should these colours stay on beach balls and sand pails?


  1. A blush stick? *goes a bit weak at the knees* MUST HAVE.

  2. OMG Forbidden Dream must be mine! Sounds so dangerous