Friday, July 15, 2011

NOTD: WnW Sea Witch and Color Club I always get my 'Man'darin

Click large to see the lime green shimmer in the orange!
 So I was quite bored last weekend and decided to do up my nails with two of my new nail polishes- Wet n' Wild's Sea Witch from their new Summer Collection and Color Club's I always get my 'Man'darin from their brights collection.

At first I was going to pass by both polishes because I was sure I had something similar and I've never been a big bright/neon fan. However the subtleties of these two polishes are really pretty and unique. 'Man'darin is a gorgeous super bright orange but in it there is this amazing hard to photograph lime green shimmer. It totally blows my mind every time I look at it. Totally intense and summery, I'm really happy I got it even if I find I can't have it on every nail due to it's intensity.

Sea Witch is also pretty awesome. Firstly, I love the fact that it's named after Ursula from the Little Mermaid. It is the perfect colour for her a deep rich red based purple with a neat light blue shimmer. The shimmer only really shows up in full sun but I really like it- almost a lit from within quality to it.
As for the formulas they aren't that great. Both polishes don't cost very much but I was disappointed with both of these polishes, though for different reasons. 'Man'darin though applies smoothly really needs four coats to be opaque and doesn't wear well. I've found that it starts to chip two days after application. 

Sea Witch on the other hand has a wretched brush and a super thick difficult to work with formula. It lasts fairly well but it's a pain to apply and it needs two to three coats to become opaque. I'm definitely going to need to add polish thinner to this one. 

Overall I do like both the polishes and would recommend them for their unique colours but not their formula. 

Would I buy them again? I'd probably buy 'Man'darin again because I adore the colour so much but Sea Witch's formula was so so difficult to work with I wouldn't purchase a second time.

Overall Rating: 'Man'darin- 6/10, Sea Witch- 5/10

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