Friday, July 30, 2010

Rant: Canadian Shipping

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Canadian Shipping. I'd just like to make a brief mention about this, as I encountered this problem, yet again last night. 
Not only is it ridiculously expensive when compared to the United States, but the majority of retailers like to pretend the second largest Country by land mass in the world does not exist. They'll have a North America section and the only thing listed will be the USA.
Or what really gets me is a company based out of the United States will ship to any state including Alaska and Puerto Rico and won't include Canada. Geographically, you have to fly over Canada to get to Alaska! The majority of our population is in the lower provinces, a significantly lesser distance than making it up to Alaska, but do companies, especially of the cosmetic variety acknowledge this? No, of course not, because we all supposably live in igloos.
And lets just briefly mention shipping charges. Sephora is an excellent example of this blatant unfairness. Sephora has free shipping if you spend over $50 if you live in the USA. In Canada, you don't qualify for free shipping unless you spend over $150. Not to mention all of their prices in Canadian are significantly inflated despite them having warehouses in this country too. 
It's not like I'm asking for things to be shipped over an ocean free of charge. But considering our dollar and the American one are almost at par it just seems like I'm getting my but kicked every time I try and order some great brands online. 
I'm sure this isn't an issue that just applies to Canada, I merely happen to live here though and thought I'd point this small fact out. Shipping charges suck.

As always, would love to hear your opinions!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rodarte Final Update

This, finally, makes me content with the situation. It's nice to see something thats actually likely to make a difference happen. All the details are here at Temptalia.

Makeup4All's Summer Beauty Magazine

Makeup4All, a fellow beauty blogger also releases a magazine every season as well, and her summer issue has just come out! Beautifully done with some lovely pictures and a neat couple interviews with two beauty PR's it makes an interesting read. Here's the link if you want a look see: Makeup4All Magazine Summer Issue.
She takes from all types of high end brands so the magazine has a very posh feel to it! Needless to say I'm impressed. Enjoy!

Hebridean Sprite's Policy on Animal Testing in Cosmetics and on Animal Testing Cosmetic Brands

Picture from The Cautionary Revelation of the Apocalypse Blog (Not Affiliated- I Googled Bunny and this came up)

The Point of the Post:
I want everyone to be able to see exactly the policy of this blog. I’m not hiding anything, and I don’t want anyone to think I am. So whether you care or not, here’s the guidelines I’ve set myself, for this blog.

The Situation:
One would think that it would be simple to determine if the company you are buying your blush or mascara from tests on animals. It isn’t. Firstly, a company (at least in North America and Western Europe to the best of my knowledge) is allowed to state that they do not test on animals if the final product is not. This doesn’t cover the ingredients in the product, nor the company’s ability to hire another company to test their products on animals for them. Companies, especially big multi-million dollar companies are sneaky, and really are out to make money for the most part. So it gets confusing and hazy real quick. Depending on how you word your questions to the contact people at the companies they can avoid answering your question or just state they do not test their products (i.e. final products, not the ingredients, but the products for sale.) And if this is fine according to you, this is fine, then feel free to purchase from these brands. Benefit, from what I’ve heard seems to be very good at running around the issue when they reply to inquiry e-mails.
Another case is where they tell you the company is non-animal testing and then refer you to a completely different site to read their policy. This is fine, however time consuming, if the information is in English. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m fairly miserable at languages other than a few words here or there but a whole legalese document in German! Really Givenchy?!
Then there are companies that don’t test their products, or ingredients, except when required by law. One such company is the Estee Lauder brand. This to me seems to stick them in between a rock and a hard place. To me personally I can understand holding testing (even if I do not agree with it) if the government is making you for a new chemical, etc. So what this means for the blog is that I do feature these brands on Hebridean Sprite Beauty however, I try to avoid any products with new or revolutionary technology ingredients in them.  I’m likely to miss and feature one on occasion but overall I don’t exclude these brands, because for their policy is not to test.
Then there are the brands no one can find any information on at all. You can’t find the correct contact info, and no one seems to be able to have any information on the policy one way or another. Frustration runs rampant.
From (Not Affiliated with this either, Google Images) 
How this affects Hebridean Sprite Beauty Blog:
In the long run what does this mean for posts and products you’ll read about on Hebridean Sprite Beauty Blog? It means I’ll try my hardest not to include anything tested on animals based on the information I have. I try to research each brand I feature, and I often send e-mails if the information I do find is unclear. The only exception to this is with brands that are sometimes required to test by law, and even then I’m going to try and only mention products by the company that have no new ingredients in them which would have made them subject to the law. I don’t like it, but I’m not going to ask a company to do something illegal. But please remember that I’m human, I make mistakes (often, mind you), and a product may slip through the cracks here and there. If you notice that I’ve messed up, please e-mail me and I will delete or change the post asap.

In Summary:
Here’s our policy in simple points (for quick skimming)
-       Brands featured do NOT test their final products on animals
-       Brands featured do NOT test their ingredients on animals
-       NO PR is accepted from brands that do test on animals
-       I DO research each brand mentioned to the best of my ability
-       The ONLY exception is brands that conduct animal testing ONLY when it is required by law to do so: HOWEVER, these products (i.e. ones newly out with new ingredients/chemicals) will not be featured on the blog.
-       I’m human and a full time student working on her degree, forgive me if I make a mistake, I swear it was not on purpose and I promise to at the very least at an addendum to the post if made aware of it.
-       That even IF the brand actively lobbies other cosmetic brands on weekends to stop their animal testing, I’m still going to give you my honest opinion on everything featured- good OR bad.
-       Everything is my opinion, I’m not going to repeatedly slam and be down on any brand for their policies (or vise versa). I’m also going to listen to everyone’s opinion- whether I agree or not, everyone is entitled to it. As long as respect is maintained, to each their own. I just ask you respect mine in return.
Again, Google Images (
In Conclusion:
In a perfect world, I love science to reach a place so that all cosmetic brands won’t test anything on animals. If a cheap brand like Wet n’ Wild can impliment this policy, certainly I should be able to expect large ones to do the same? Until then however, I hope my blog can make it easier to choose which brands you can trust not to test on animals.

Just Because It's Pretty

I've decided to start a new series of post called "Just Because It's Pretty". These are products (from as usual non-animal testing brands) that are especially lovely to gaze upon. Whether it's the pattern of the powder or the packaging! These are not reviews but instead just products that are tempting due to looks alone. Tell me some of your favourite beauty items that you just like to have out to decorate!

Today: Chantecaille La Baleine Set
When I first saw these, my jaw dropped. These are so stunning, and beautifully detailed they almost make me cry (I love whales, they seem to move me emotionally). These are in the two colours shown, Bleue for eyes, and Blanche for face.

 Chantecaille describes the Blanche as: a beautifully soft, highlighting powder that perfectly adheres to the skin. Microscopic pearls produce a fine, brilliant finish that is delivered in three delicate shades--warm gold, pink nude and sheer ivory. Blended together, they create a nude, luminous, and slightly shimmery face. This fine, creamy formula glides on effortlessly and is packed with healing, age-defying botanicals.

and Bleue as: a soft, feminine trio of up-to-the-minute, marine-inspired eyeshades. Two highlight blues--a sheer pale blue and deep blue-grey accent--combine with a beautiful, iridescent champagne base. Together the collection is shimmery, chic and subtly sexy.

The whale pictured is a Blue whale with her calf, and sales from the set of two, or each individually benefit the International Union for Conservation of Nature. This charity works to protect the oceans of the world. The set costs $156 USD with each compact holding 0.35 oz of product. The colours of the powder are solid all the way through. If I was rich enough to afford this, I don't know if I'd have the heart to actually use it! (And I'd totally get the Bleue one! *drool*) This product is a complete and total heart thief, because I've fallen in love. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blush: Price Per 0.01 oz


As a recap the whole point of this to be able to judge at a glance which product is the best value for money. This is especially useful in cases of dupes between brands and brands of similar quality. So without further ado, here are the blushes:
Please note-> all prices shown in USD ->Number 1 is the best deal for money. Each product's name is written then the price of then the price it costs per 0.01 oz of product

(From least expensive to most expensive)

1) TheBalm Blush in Down Boy- $21, 0.75oz- $0.28------*NOTE* This seems wrong, however, it's the weight given on the Sephora site, anyone that knows the real weight (or can confirm this one) Please send me an e-mail!
2) TheBalm in Cabana Boy-$21, 0.3oz- $0.70
3) Clinique Soft Pressed Powder Blusher- $19, 0.27oz- $0.70
4) The Balm in Hot Mama-$19, 0.25oz- $0.76
5) Benefit Box Blushes- $28, 0.35oz- $0.80
6) Too Faced Brightening Blushes- $19.50, 0.23oz- $0.85
7) MAC Powder Blush (with pan)- $18.50, 0.21oz- $0.88
8) Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush- $19, 0.21oz- $0.90
9) Josie Maran Blush- $20, 0.21 oz- $0.95
9) Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Colour- $29.50, 0.31oz- $0.95
10) Urban Decay Afterglow Blush- $17, 0.15oz- $1.13
11) Korres Blush, $24, 0.21oz- $1.14
12) Shu Uemura Glow On Blush- $21, 0.17oz- $1.24
13) Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Cheek- $25, 0.2oz- $1.25
14) Lorac Blush- $19, 0.15oz- $1.27
15) Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Powder Blush- $29.50, 0.22oz- $1.34
16) Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color- $30, 0.22oz- $1.36
17) Lorac Baked Matte Satin Blush- $24, 0.17oz- $1.41
18) MUFE Sculpting Blush- $24, 0.17oz- $1.41
19) Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush- $22, 0.14oz- $1.57
20) NARS- 0.16oz $26- $1.63
21) Illamasqua Powder Blusher- $23, 0.14oz- $1.64
22) Stila Convertible Powder-$25, 0.15oz- $1.67
23) Bobbi Brown Blush- $22, 0.13oz-$1.69
24) Givenchy- Le Prisme Blush Powder Blush- $43, 0.24oz- $1.79
25) DuWop Blush Booster- $22, 0.12oz- $1.83
26) Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour- $24, 0.13oz- $1.85
27) Smashbox Blush Rush- $24, 0.13oz- $1.85
28) Stila Cheek Color Duo- $24, 0.126oz- $1.90
29) MAC Mineralize Blush- $21, 0.11oz- $1.91
30) Amazing Cosmetics Powder Blush- $22, 0.11oz- $2.00
31) MUFE Powder Blush- $19, 0.08oz- $2.38
32) Fresh FreshFace Blush Powder- $28, 0.11oz- $2.55
33) YSL Touche blush (large)- $45, 0.15oz- $3.00
34) YSL Blush Variation- $45, 0.14oz- $3.21
35) Bare Essentials Blush- $18, 0.03oz- $6.00

Bambi Lashes

(All images from Google Images)
Like many other beauty bloggers out there, I would love to find a mascara that would give me the elusive and highly sought after 'Bambi Lashes'. Though for everyday, I adore Clinique Lash Power for it's durability, smudgelessness and look, once in a while I still yearn for this. Why? some may ask. By the end of this I'm fairly sure I'll turn you into a believer, if not just allowing the illumination of understanding to shine upon you.
Bambi, like all fawns, has the wonderful and unattainable thick, long, and fluttery lashes women want. They are glossy, they are long, they are thick, they frame the eye making it look larger and they manage to look dramatic, and innocent at the same time. And somehow, they also achieve the feat of not looking ridiculous either. These are the type of lashes meant for batting adorably at your victim of choice, because somehow, little hairs sticking out from near our eyeballs can cause catastrophic events. 

Above, if you look closely is an excellent example of "doe eyes" as seen on Bambi's mother. Thick, long lashes on a slightly hooded sultry eye. Yes, I do realize I am talking about a cartoon deer, but this seems to be a running theme of Disney movies. Thus, the perfect ideal of feminine lashes was implanted in the majority of society's brains at an early age.

So, how do you achieve Bambi lashes you ask? The easiest way to achieve this is by finding some nice false lashes (either stick or glue on ones) that achieve the effect. Below, however, is a list of what myself, and others found to be the best mascara to become baby deer eyed.

  • Clinique Long Pretty Lashes
  • Fresh Supernova
  • Guerlain Le 2
  • MAC Zoomlash
  • NYX Doll Eyes
  • Eyeko Mascara
  • Revlon Grow Luscious
  • Diorshow
I've not tried all these myself, so I cannot guarantee anything specific (except the Clinique Long Pretty Lashes I remember being impressed by that one). How about anyone else, what is your favourite mascara? Any particular one you've tried that gives this effect?

Random Fact: The poisonous plant Belladonna is named thus due to the widening of the irises in the eyes of the person who ingested it. This gives them the "wide-eyed innocent" look of young girls, before they die due to the toxins.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Quicky Update

I'm still studying away for a Histology Exam *bangs head against wall*, but during break time found out Nordstrom has the new Guerlain Fall Palettes up for sale. Click Here. They pack a wallop to your wallet at $90.25 CND, but the colours are very versatile in my opinion and are going to appeal to a large amount of people. To see pictures of the palettes check out my previous blog post here, and to see swatches go to Karla Sugar's Blog (her swatches are always the best). Now I just figure out how the heck I'm going to find the money to buy one of these pretties..... *shifty eyes*

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just Because It's Pretty

I've decided to start a new series of post called "Just Because It's Pretty". These are products (from as usual non-animal testing brands) that are especially lovely to gaze upon. Whether it's the pattern of the powder or the packaging! These are not reviews but instead just products that are tempting due to looks alone. Tell me some of your favourite beauty items that you just like to have out to decorate!

Today: Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Kit
(Image from Sephora's website)

This trio of Leopard print rosettes is just so adorable! In peach, candy and golden these are two bronzers and a blush. I believe the palette is limited edition, and you can get it at Sephora or on the Too Faced website for $30 USD. Each pan holds 0.08 oz of product and the pattern does continue on down through the powder. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

NOTD: OPI Rumple's Wiggin

Rumple's Wiggin' (In the sunlight)
This colour is a beautiful blue/grey under-toned lilac cream that looks great on any skintone (In my honest opinion!). It's soft, and romantic and happens to make tans standout if you have any colour to your skin at all. 

Unfortunately, when I got my bottle, the brush had separated from the lid and this time I used it (the second time) it was thick and streaky and really difficult to work with. I'm hoping that some polish thinner will fix this up though.
Anyone else have this colour? (It seems to be a popular one throughout many brands at the moment!) Tell me what you think!

No Buys: How to Resist in 16 Tips

(Image from Google Images)

No money. The horrible situation that plagues every addict or hobbiest on the face of the planet. And with all the new makeup and beauty items avaliable every day, it can be very hard to resist making 'just one small purchase'. So, here are my tips and tricks to keeping your money in your pocket and not giving in to the overwhelming need to get that new blush, eyeshadow, mascara, or other sparkly attractive product.

1) Make a concrete start date and end date, covering at least a month of time. Having an end in sight really helps. Only 4783 days to go! Well, maybe not that long, but knowing that eventually you will be able to indulge again does help.

2) Keep in mind that beauty products are a luxury. Yes, you may look like a member of the undead without them but so did millions of others throughout history and in less wealthy parts of the world. Also, having a reason to be saving the money is important- even if it's just for retirement and it's going into an account for that, you need to have a goal or point to keep on track.

3) Stores containing beauty items should be avoided as much as humanly possible. If you have to go into the drug store for whatever reason see the next point.

4) If you must go into a store for an essential (i.e. foundation) do not make eye contact with anything else, and if you do, DO NOT TOUCH IT! I find if I touch the item I'm much closer to actually buying it (somehow once it's in my possession I don't want to let it go!)

5) No matter how tempting, (or how good the deal is!) don't click on websites or links to where you can purchase cosmetics. 

6) If you've failed number five, hopefully you'll have obeyed this one. Credit cards should be a minimum of ten meters away from your computer. If you actually have to get up and rifle through your underwear drawer to find your credit card, you are less likely to use it.

7) Sticky notes are everyones friend. In large and/or colourful lettering stick them on the edge of your computer, on your credit cards, on your wallet and on the edge of your bathroom mirror with similar messages: "I can resist, and saving money for ______, is more important than the luxury of makeup."

8) I've found that can either help or hinder a no buy. Figure out which type of person you are and read accordingly- I find that blogs (especially with swatches) satisfy part of my MU craving so I quite happily read. If it drives you to run out and buy, buy, buy, stop reading blogs for a while.

9) Items that catch your eye and you find yourself craving, should be added to a "Lemming List". The list should include all the information about it (even pictures if you want) but MUST include the price in one of the first columns-- the list items should once weekly be compared to everything else you already own (i.e. by comparing swatches, pics etc.) so you can visually see that some of the items are useless as you own something similar (and trust me, most of us will as we'll be attracted to the same colours again and again.)

10) If you are feeling the urge to try something new, distract yourself. Go on a long walk with the dog, go to the library and bring home and read a stack of books that rival your height, or watch a favourite movie with the hubby or a close friend. Changing your focus will help you stay in line with your goal.

11) Sephora samples. Oh the joy of these two sweet words for beauty junkies, craving a fix everywhere. Leave all forms of money (this includes, cheques, cash, change, credit cards, debit cards, and your significant others wallet) at home (or with someone who will with hold them and not cave to your groveling) and happily go in the store. My reccommendation is to bring a little booklet and a pen where you can swatch things on the paper with the names and prices so you can look at them later too. Also items that really grab your attention you can ask for a sample from one of the SA. They are usually fairly generous with samples so this should hold you over your period of weakness. Just try to keep in mind camping outside the doors of Sephora is not considered cool.

12) Make a clear cut and dry list of products you live off of at the beginning of the no buy. This should include your essentials that you would have a complete and utter meltdown without. This list should be no more than ten items and you need to only replace the items there if you completely run out. Don't try another brand or colour, don't buy a back-up only replace the item as needed. This is only likely to happen once in a blue moon and the list should not be added to or modified once past the first two days of the no buy.

13) Make a point to use your stash everyday. Also remember to change it up, try different or new looks or products that don't get much use. This will help you remember that you can look great with what you already have, feed your makeup fix, and show you that you can live without more.

14) Tell others close to you what you're doing, why you're doing it and ask for their support. Having someone to depend on and will help keep you in line helps a large amount.

15) Find a website where you can add reviews of your products to it. This will help you realize what you really appreciate of your stash; things that are mediocre and you shouldn't purchase again; and colours that don't suit you. It will also help other people make smart purchases (which always makes me feel like I've accomplished something) as well as distracting you from looking up new makeup. 

16) And lastly, don't be too hard on yourself if you fail. There is a possibility to return the item if you feel guilty, but know that even if you can't it's not the end of the world. Put the makeup item in view everyday with a note near it saying "I lapsed a bit here, but I can resist for the rest of my no buy." We're human, we all fail every once in a while. So forgive yourself and tighten your resolve to try again.

So I hope this is helpful for everyone! I'm posting this because I know how difficult it can be to resist something really pretty! I also am currently on a no buy, so I wanted to make my avoidance tips available for others going through it too. If you're interested below is my No Buy rules.

- Nothing until the October release of the Mac: A Tartan Tale collection.
- The only items I'm allowed to replace are: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation in Intensity 1.0, and Clinique Lash Power Mascara in Black.
- And my lemming list is in a table on word :D

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mac Rodarte Collection Update

Due to large public outcry, Mac has decided to change the names of this collection. They've also stated they will be making a $100,000 donation to a charity which is known for helping women.
I am gladdened that they are doing something about the tasteless names, and are making a donation. However, I still think it's a mark against the company and I'm not likely to forget it. I also think they should have donated a minimum of $100,000 plus a high percentage from their sales from the collection. Mac is a huge company and 100k is nothing to them. I also would have liked to have been told which charity it is that the money is going to, and whether or not the charity is currently doing work in that area.
See below for the statements: (Statements taken from Temptalia's Blog Post)

" We understand that product names in the Mac Rodarte collection have offended our consumers and fans. This was never our intent and we are very sorry. We continue to listen carefully to the comments we have received and have the following plans to address concerns:
- We are committed to donating $100,000 to a non-profit organization that has proven, successful track-record helping women in need and that can directly improve the lives of women in Juarez in a meaningful way.
- We are changing the product names in the MAC Rodarte collection.
As we have done in the past , please be assured that we will communicate details regarding our progress in this matter."

Rodarte's statement:

" We recognize that the violence against women taking place in Juarez needs to be met with proactive action. We never intended to make light of this serious issue and we are truly sorry.
Helping to improve the conditions for women in Juares is a priority for us and we are thankful for all the comments calling attention to the urgency of addressing this situation."

I'm curious as to what Rodarte plans to do about this, especially as they came up with the original collection. Personally I'd like to see them make a donation (minimum) too.
So, I'm both glad there are people who have stepped up and embraced the cause- and enough of them to cause a huge company to do the right thing, but I'm still disappointed that this even occurred. 
Back to Beauty blogging now (and studying my but off).

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mac Rodarte Collection

Normally, I'm not one to talk about unpleasant things in inappropriate places; my point being I'm not going to go on about experiments actually tested on animals during animal testing despite this blog (and my personal choice) not featuring any such products. I don't list details because it's difficult to be bombarded with such things constantly, especially when you are trying in which ever way you are, to make a difference- or even if you've made the choice to ignore the matter. This is beauty blog, something fun and a relaxation from everyday stresses.

However, I do feel that even with my small amount of readers that something needs to be said.

Mac's upcoming Rodarte collection is quite honestly a disturbing take on Rodarte's gallery expedition which is based on the hundreds of women raped and murdered in factory towns in Mexico without the police caring enough to do much of anything to get justice (Juarez in particular). The main model for the collection looks literally dead and the names for the items are actually taken directly from these violent crimes.

In response to the overwhelming and much deserved horrified e-mails to MAC, they had this to say-

"M•A•C Cosmetics Statement:
We understand that product names in the M•A•C Rodarte collection have offended some of our consumers and fans. This was never our intent and we are very sorry. We are listening carefully to the comments posted and are grateful to those of you who have brought your concerns to the forefront of our attention. M•A•C will give a portion of the proceeds from the M•A•C Rodarte collection to help those in need in Juarez. We are diligently investigating the best way to do this. Please be assured that we will keep you posted on the details regarding our efforts."

In my opinion if this collection was done in an effort to raise awareness about the issue, MAC should have put way more advertising into the entire thing, i.e. actually put it on the news, commercials etc. In addition to this they should have clearly stated the portions of the proceeds that are going to a specific charity BEFOREHAND. I mean really, it feels like they're doing this as an after thought to save their asses, not as a company that is supposed to care about a large group of people repressed and violated. They also should never have used the names they did- they could have had the same dead/haunted feel to the entire collection (to show the agony of the situation), but they should have been named I don't know Justice?, For Peace, Perseverance, or something similar. Heck when I first heard/saw the collection I thought it was haunted ghost house inspired and was maybe for Halloween (though the model picture still disturbed me).

Not very globally aware but I wasn't trying to be purposefully oblivious either. In fact as soon as I realized there was an issue surrounding it I went off to google and promptly started reading about it. What I found frightened and disgusted me, but I'll let you decide to look into this yourself or not.

I'd like to also say that the original Rodarte collection disturbs me as well and really should be trying to donate something to what they're making a buck off of. I guess at least Mac is attempting to do something.

My point? I just wanted to make you aware of the situation. It all seems to me to be in very poor taste and I know I won't be purchasing anything from the collection. Though I may make a donation to a charity involved with the direct issue, someone profiting from it turns my stomach. On the other side of the matter they are rasing awareness on an issue that deserves it, though I doubt that was the original point of it.

As a side note I'd really appreciate the person who's bright idea this was to be fired. Is anyone else thinking inconsiderate, greedy jerk?

Would love to hear your opinions on the matter!

MAC statement taken from British Beauty Blogger

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inspirational Photos

Leopard Print Makeup by Telefona at Deviant Art Click here to view her profile

Hey everyone! I hope everyone's weekend is going well. I'm attempting to study for my Comparative Animal Physiology 2 course which is going better than I expected but not really very quickly. So to hold everyone over until I can actually do things on the blog here are more inspirational photos for everyone to look at! (I know I certainly want to try the leopard one up above sometime!) Enjoy!
Another neat look, I can see this really working for a Willy Wonka costume! Photo called Makeup by Australianmindy at Deviant art. Click here to see her profile.

I love the range of colours in this look! Makeup Girl featured by JaninaN on Deviant Art. Click here to see her profile.

Photo Wizard Face Makeup by Be-fore at Deviant Art. I love the way the blue is used in this look and the lace pattern on her skin. Gorgeous! Check out her profile here.

So what were your favourites? Did anyone run off and do a look based off these?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Face of the Night

Last night I attended the Medieval Times dinner show in Toronto, which is always fun to attend. However, the real point of this post is the makeup I did with this dress which appears black in the picture but is actually dark green with gold details based off a 14th century design. 

This is a full face shot at the end of the night so my lipstick had worn off (a dark wine red) but you can get the general idea.

What Products I used:

Lorac Aquaprime Foundation Primer
Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation Intensity 1.0
Mac Prep and Prime translucent powder
Mac Angel Blush
Too Faced By Candlelight Face Powder
Laura Mercier Secret Concealer 1
Clinique Clarifying Solutions Concealer

Revlon Twice Bitten Lip Stain in Twilight with Balm (Deep ruby red)

Mac Greenstroke Paint Pot
Mac Fluidline in Rich Ground
Mac eyeshadow in Vex
Mac Chromographic Pencil in NC15/NW20
Clinique Lash Power Mascara

Ecotools mini Kabuki
Ecotools mini crease blender brush
Quo angled liner brush
Ecotools Mini Blush brush
Quo angled blush brush

After applying my acne treatment and a moisturizer, I used a foundation paddle brush and spread Lorac's Aquaprime all over my face in a thin even layer (excluding lips and eye area). After waiting for it to dry I then took the same brush and evened my skin out with my Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation. I like to apply foundation before concealer because I feel that you use less product over all as you only need to cover the marks that the foundation doesn't. I then took my ring finger and patted Laura Mercier's Secret Concealer into my under eye circles and blended it out into the surrounding skin. I then took my Clinique Clarifying concealer and covered any other spots showing through. 
Next using my Ecotools mini Kabuki brush I took Mac's Prep and Prime translucent powder and set everything on my face with it. I also swept it lightly over my eyelids as well. Using a blush brush I then lightly dusted on Mac's Angel blush along my cheek bones and apples of my cheeks (this is just a light baby pink coloured blush that is matte and easy to make look like a natural flush). Then using a flatter blush brush I took Too Faced's By Candlelight face powder and went over the blush on my cheek bones to very very subtly add a highlight. 

I started this look by applying a wash of Revlon's Matte Vintage Lace eyeshadow all over the lid and up to the brow bone to even out the discolouration on my lids. I then took Mac's Rich Ground Fluidline and lined the entirety of my upper lash line and the outer quarter of my bottom lashes to bring out my eyes. I then took the liner and put it along the outer three quarters of my waterline. I finished lining with Mac's NC15/NW20 chromographic pencil on the remainder of my waterline and underneath the liner on my lower lashes blended in to match the skin to create a very subtle brightening effect.
After lining, I took Mac's Greenstroke paint pot and using my finger lightly blended it all over my lid from the edge of the liner into the crease.  Then using Mac's Vex eyeshadow and a soft fluffy blending brush I lightly applied Vex starting from the tear duct up and around Greenstroke to the brow and over the crease.  I then finished off the look by brushing on a coat of Clinique's Lash Power Mascara (a tubing Mascara that comes off in tubes and actually keeps my mascara from smudging and flaking).

I then finished off the outfit by wearing dangling celtic earrings (not pictured sorry they were heavy so I took them off) and a necklace by the jewelry designer the Knotty Magpie (who's work is available in the Royal Ontario Museum).

Here's the whole look (minus the lips again I'm sorry!)
Hope you liked it! Tell me what you think or if you'd wear the makeup in the comments!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Eyeshadow Price per 0.01 oz

I'm in the middle of studying for exams everyone, so things are going to be a bit slower over the next couple of weeks. I apologize! However, I did want to get something up so here is another addition of the 0.01 oz series.
As a recap the whole point of this to be able to judge at a glance which product is the best value for money. This is especially useful in cases of dupes between brands and brands of similar quality. So without further ado, here is eyeshadows:
Please note-> all prices shown in USD- 1 is the best deal for money. Each product's name is written then the price of then the price it costs per 0.01 oz of product


1) Clinique Quad- $1.56
2) TheBalm Single- $1.60
3) Benefit Single- $1.63
4) Lorac Trio- $1.67
5) Hourglass Duo- $1.90
6) MAC Quads- $1.80
7) Too Faced Single- $2.00
7) Urban Decay Deluxe Single- $2.00
9) Too Faced Duo- $2.13
10) Stila Single (with container)- $2.22
10) Make Up Forever Diamond Single- $2.22
12) NARS Duo- $2.29
13) Make up Forever Single- $2.38
14) Guerlain Quad- $2.42
15) Laura Mercier Single- $2.44
16) Bobbi Brown Single- $2.50
17) Rock and Republic Single- $2.55
18) Fresh Trio- $2.67
19) Korres Single- $2.67
20) Smashbox Single- $2.71
21) Dior Quint- $2.76
22) Guerlain Single- $2.83
23) Illamasqua Single- $2.86
24) MAC Single- $2.90
25) Lorac Single- $3.00
26) NARS Single- $3.29
27) Urban Decay Single- $3.40
28) Chantecaille Single with pan- $3.50
29) Smashbox Trio- $3.54
30) Givenchy Quad- $3.57
31) YSL Duo- $4.56
32) Bare Essentials- $6.50

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mini Haul

This is my last haul for a while as I'm in love with the very expensive Guerlain palette (to see pictures and information go here, and to see swatches be sure to check out Karla Sugar's Blog (can anyone say amazing!?!). On top of this I'm going to Tanzania in August for a field course and travel vaccines and bug nets are expensive. However, I'm all for enjoying this mini haul, and happily planning what to get for after my no buy (information in a coming post). Not to mention showing pictures of the pretties to specific people as hints for gifts. *innocently bats eyelashes* Anyways, lets start this off!
First up, I visited Mac for the Go For It lipstick, a punky blue-based purple that looks lovely on sheer and built up. It's a creamsheen formula and it has a slight hint of silver shimmer to it but one thats barely noticeable. I've also found that it wears really prettily to a soft lilac-berry shade on my lips. With tax this cost $18.65 CND. All in all this is a win!
This is with the lipstick built up quite a bit, one or even two swipes goes on more subtle and sheerer than this.

Here's a picture of me wearing it while lounging on my bed.
My next stop was Sephora, because after finding out that my beloved Make Up Forever HD Primer in Blue was breaking me out due to the high amount of silicone contained in it (though, as a side note it smelt great, felt great, evened out my skin tone, and really helped my foundation last- *cry*), I needed to try a new, Silicone-free primer. And so I hunted down a shop girl and commandeered her into providing me with three silicone-free primer samples. The ones I got were:
1) Korres Face Primer Silicone-Free: This looks like a body butter. It's a white glob that stayed in the exact area it was placed in the container despite the awful jarring it encountered while in my purse throughout the mall. It looks quite thick so I'm a little wary of this one, but it is 99% natural with "skin perfecting and smoothing extracts". It claims to visibly reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines as well. This primer comes in a white tube with a twist cap (think toothpaste tube) and is 1.01 fl. oz. in full size.
2) NARS Makeup Primer: This seems to have a more gel-like appearance than the Korres one but still is milky coloured. It also comes in a plain white tube and contains 50ml of product in the full size item. Nars claims that it
"Soothes and prepares skin with natural botanicals and vitamins while creating a protective base for longer-lasting, natural looking foundation application and wear. The airy, lightweight oil-free gel cream formulation helps reduce redness and inflammation while increasing hydration. Worn under foundation, powder or alone, the result is translucent, healthy looking skin"
They go on to point out it excludes oil, silicone and synthetic fragrance, prevents makeup from breaking up and includes Echinacea, Grape, Kiwi, Lavender, and Green Tea extract. Not exactly sure what all of these extracts are supposed to do for you but it certainly sounds interesting.
3) Lorac Aquaprime: This one is a clear bubble filled gel. It kind of reminds me of Aloe Vera gel with the consistency and bubbles but without the green tinge. Lorac calls this an anti-aging primer as it contains Sodium Hyaluronate, a ingredient that they claim helps diminish the appearance of fine lines. It's also supposed to have a moisturizing effect, all while being oil, fragrance, silicone and paraben free. It comes in a white tube with a black pump on the end, and contains 40ml of product in the full size version.
I'm hopeful one of these will suit my skin and harsh makeup wear! (ahem Harsh = oily skin, naps during the day, leaning up against unsuspecting people/walls/objects/animals, etc.)
Then, I sneakily went off and browsed the store some more before asking a different SA to prepare me a sample of Laura Mercier's Secret Cover concealer in shade number one. This concealer is specifically designed for the undereye area and I'm hoping it covers my genetically derived blue circles but doesn't crease after a little while of wear (like every other concealer I own- Is it so much to ask that I not look like a zombie or a gaunt over-worked university student even once I apply foundation and concealer and powder? No I say no it is not!) This salmon coloured concealer comes in a cream in a cute little brown pot. In total there are 6 skin shades for one to choose from which doesn't seem like many, but the thing to remember about concealers (especially undereye ones) is that its okay if they are lighter or not exactly your skin tone as if they are a shade lighter you'll look more awake and the peach or pink undertones will counteract any darkness of your circles. The full size product contains 0.08oz.
After scoping out the beauty section of The Body Shop and pouting upon the realization that they didn't have the Autumn Leaves compact in stock yet and the SA not even knowing what the heck I was talking about (see this post for a brief look at the compact I'm talking about). However, since The Body Shop was having a buy 2 get 1 free deal, and the place always smells so darn good, I ended up purchasing a Mango sugar scrub, a lemon body moisturizer and a strawberry moisturizer. The scrub looks luscious and contains mango oil for moisturizing so I can't wait to use it on my legs in the shower.
Picture shamelessly stolen from the USA Body Shop Website.
Lastly, I boringly got citrus mint toothpaste as I find mint too much and they didn't have vanilla *pout*. So that's all, When I get a chance to really try out the primers I'll let you know what I thought of them (and which if any I decided to get). Anyone else purchased anything lately? Let me know in the comments! Or if you have and questions or other comments I'm happy to read them too! :D

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Body Shop: Autumn Smoke and Fire Collection 2010

Is anyone else drooling? I just think this is gorgeous! Part of the new Body Shop Fall collection these Autumn Leaves compacts are limited edition and come in the two colours shown here, Berry and Chestnut. They are going to launch Tomorrow and will retail at $21 CND/USD. From what I can tell from descriptions, the leaves are not just overspray and the blush will have a shimmer to it. Personally, I think these are going to sell like hot-cakes, as to me they really embody all the things I love about fall, even with the shimmer reminding me of the slightest bit of frost on grass in the mornings. The compacts are said to contain marula oil and nut oil which is suppose to soften the skin.
The Smoke and Fire collection also includes three Kajal liners in Charcoal (black), Steel (blued silver), and Evergreen (dark green) which retail at $10 CND/USD.
What do you think?

I have a Review up now if you're interested!

Information and Photo from and TheNotice: a Beauty Blog

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Inspirational Photos

This time around I've focused on actual fashion photography shots, that I think are stunning and bring to mind all kinds of neat makeup ideas. What do you think? To see the pictures full size, just click them. :D

Vanity Yellow by Moonrain-Soliloquy Click here to see their profile

July Ruby by Moonrain-Soliloquy Click here to see their profile

Vanity Purple by Moonrain-Soliloquy Click here to see their profile

Vanity Red by Moonrain-Soliloquy Click here to see their profile

Thursday, July 1, 2010

10 Lemming List!

I thought I'd make a list of all the things I'm currently craving. This includes things that have been out forever, and products coming out in the future (so once I see them in real life, I may or may not buy them!) All price points too! I've included pictures so you can see them too and decide whether or not this is something you may be interested in as well. I thought this would be a great way to show a bunch of options from a wide varieties of brands you may or may not of thought of as options before. So, without further ado:

1) Guerlain Fall eyeshadow palette in Vendome- At the moment I'm estimating about $80 CND, which for me is steep, but the colours are just beautiful and the packaging is to die for! More information is available here.(Picture provided by British Beauty Blogger)

2) Nars Strada eyeshadow- Despite my ever growing purple eyeshadow collection, every time I go past the NARS section at my local Sephora I am drawn to this smoky purple shade with gold flecks. I swatch it, long for it and tell myself I already own purple eyeshadow galore. This retails at $23 USD. (Picture from

3) Wet n' Wild Color Icon eyeshadow single in Brulee- I've heard such good things about the Wet n' Wild brand eyeshadows and this matte shade honestly looks like the perfect colour to even out my discolouration on my eyelids. Plus it averages around $3 CND. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these! Plus I like how small it is, so it looks really travel friendly. (Picture from

4) Fyrinnae loose eyeshadow in Wicked, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Slaugh, and Dragon Magic- I've recently fallen deeply in love with Fyrinnae's shadows. Beautiful unique colours, and sweet prices (Around $6.00 USD). You're best bet for pictures is to go to the Fyrinnae website. :D (

5) Fyrinnae Velvet Gel Silica Primer- Another Fyrinnae product, this primer is known to help control oil over the day as well as being free of silicone which I've recently found out is one of the things that flairs up my acne (this varies between people). It also is made of aloe vera gel which is great for skin irritations. I'd love to try this (as I'm in desperate need of a primer now, more in a later post), especially for only $5.50 USD for a half ounce jar. (

6) Mac Go For It Lipstick from the upcoming In The Groove Collection- Yes, its a purple-blue lipstick. I honestly want this for crazy punk days (which honestly only happens in a blue moon). It reminds me of the first lipstick I owned as a child and wore for years. Which is probably not a good look but I have a crazy craving for this I can't put aside.(Picture for Temptalia)

7) Make Up Forever Star Powder in 940 (White with Orange highlights) This looks much nicer in person, very subtle, very light and sheer and warm. It comes in a small shifter jar and costs $19.00 USD. (Picture from Sephora)

8) Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Orange Blossom- For $24 USD this is fairly expensive but the peachy pink glow this blush gives when swatched makes me want it so bad! Plus, Laura Mercier Second Skin blushes are wonderfully pigmented and last well and really look very natural on (I own Rose Petal). (Picture from

9) Illamasqua Under Eye Concealer in UC 115- A fair with neutral undertone concealer for undereye circles, I've only ever heard good things about Illamasqua and I'm in desperate need of a full cover undereye concealer. Plus, I love the packaging! It costs 12.50 british pound sterling. (Picture from Illamasqua)

10) Gosh Nail Varnish in Golden Dragon- OOH! This colour is completely up my alley! I love greeny blues. No idea on price, but it's a upper Drugstore brand available in Canada and the United Kingdom. (Picture from Vampy Varnish blog)

So thats it! Tell me about what ones you like the looks of which are completely not you, which you've tried or what you're currently after!