Friday, July 30, 2010

Rant: Canadian Shipping

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Canadian Shipping. I'd just like to make a brief mention about this, as I encountered this problem, yet again last night. 
Not only is it ridiculously expensive when compared to the United States, but the majority of retailers like to pretend the second largest Country by land mass in the world does not exist. They'll have a North America section and the only thing listed will be the USA.
Or what really gets me is a company based out of the United States will ship to any state including Alaska and Puerto Rico and won't include Canada. Geographically, you have to fly over Canada to get to Alaska! The majority of our population is in the lower provinces, a significantly lesser distance than making it up to Alaska, but do companies, especially of the cosmetic variety acknowledge this? No, of course not, because we all supposably live in igloos.
And lets just briefly mention shipping charges. Sephora is an excellent example of this blatant unfairness. Sephora has free shipping if you spend over $50 if you live in the USA. In Canada, you don't qualify for free shipping unless you spend over $150. Not to mention all of their prices in Canadian are significantly inflated despite them having warehouses in this country too. 
It's not like I'm asking for things to be shipped over an ocean free of charge. But considering our dollar and the American one are almost at par it just seems like I'm getting my but kicked every time I try and order some great brands online. 
I'm sure this isn't an issue that just applies to Canada, I merely happen to live here though and thought I'd point this small fact out. Shipping charges suck.

As always, would love to hear your opinions!

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