Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inspirational Photos

Leopard Print Makeup by Telefona at Deviant Art Click here to view her profile

Hey everyone! I hope everyone's weekend is going well. I'm attempting to study for my Comparative Animal Physiology 2 course which is going better than I expected but not really very quickly. So to hold everyone over until I can actually do things on the blog here are more inspirational photos for everyone to look at! (I know I certainly want to try the leopard one up above sometime!) Enjoy!
Another neat look, I can see this really working for a Willy Wonka costume! Photo called Makeup by Australianmindy at Deviant art. Click here to see her profile.

I love the range of colours in this look! Makeup Girl featured by JaninaN on Deviant Art. Click here to see her profile.

Photo Wizard Face Makeup by Be-fore at Deviant Art. I love the way the blue is used in this look and the lace pattern on her skin. Gorgeous! Check out her profile here.

So what were your favourites? Did anyone run off and do a look based off these?

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