Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mini Haul

This is my last haul for a while as I'm in love with the very expensive Guerlain palette (to see pictures and information go here, and to see swatches be sure to check out Karla Sugar's Blog (can anyone say amazing!?!). On top of this I'm going to Tanzania in August for a field course and travel vaccines and bug nets are expensive. However, I'm all for enjoying this mini haul, and happily planning what to get for after my no buy (information in a coming post). Not to mention showing pictures of the pretties to specific people as hints for gifts. *innocently bats eyelashes* Anyways, lets start this off!
First up, I visited Mac for the Go For It lipstick, a punky blue-based purple that looks lovely on sheer and built up. It's a creamsheen formula and it has a slight hint of silver shimmer to it but one thats barely noticeable. I've also found that it wears really prettily to a soft lilac-berry shade on my lips. With tax this cost $18.65 CND. All in all this is a win!
This is with the lipstick built up quite a bit, one or even two swipes goes on more subtle and sheerer than this.

Here's a picture of me wearing it while lounging on my bed.
My next stop was Sephora, because after finding out that my beloved Make Up Forever HD Primer in Blue was breaking me out due to the high amount of silicone contained in it (though, as a side note it smelt great, felt great, evened out my skin tone, and really helped my foundation last- *cry*), I needed to try a new, Silicone-free primer. And so I hunted down a shop girl and commandeered her into providing me with three silicone-free primer samples. The ones I got were:
1) Korres Face Primer Silicone-Free: This looks like a body butter. It's a white glob that stayed in the exact area it was placed in the container despite the awful jarring it encountered while in my purse throughout the mall. It looks quite thick so I'm a little wary of this one, but it is 99% natural with "skin perfecting and smoothing extracts". It claims to visibly reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines as well. This primer comes in a white tube with a twist cap (think toothpaste tube) and is 1.01 fl. oz. in full size.
2) NARS Makeup Primer: This seems to have a more gel-like appearance than the Korres one but still is milky coloured. It also comes in a plain white tube and contains 50ml of product in the full size item. Nars claims that it
"Soothes and prepares skin with natural botanicals and vitamins while creating a protective base for longer-lasting, natural looking foundation application and wear. The airy, lightweight oil-free gel cream formulation helps reduce redness and inflammation while increasing hydration. Worn under foundation, powder or alone, the result is translucent, healthy looking skin"
They go on to point out it excludes oil, silicone and synthetic fragrance, prevents makeup from breaking up and includes Echinacea, Grape, Kiwi, Lavender, and Green Tea extract. Not exactly sure what all of these extracts are supposed to do for you but it certainly sounds interesting.
3) Lorac Aquaprime: This one is a clear bubble filled gel. It kind of reminds me of Aloe Vera gel with the consistency and bubbles but without the green tinge. Lorac calls this an anti-aging primer as it contains Sodium Hyaluronate, a ingredient that they claim helps diminish the appearance of fine lines. It's also supposed to have a moisturizing effect, all while being oil, fragrance, silicone and paraben free. It comes in a white tube with a black pump on the end, and contains 40ml of product in the full size version.
I'm hopeful one of these will suit my skin and harsh makeup wear! (ahem Harsh = oily skin, naps during the day, leaning up against unsuspecting people/walls/objects/animals, etc.)
Then, I sneakily went off and browsed the store some more before asking a different SA to prepare me a sample of Laura Mercier's Secret Cover concealer in shade number one. This concealer is specifically designed for the undereye area and I'm hoping it covers my genetically derived blue circles but doesn't crease after a little while of wear (like every other concealer I own- Is it so much to ask that I not look like a zombie or a gaunt over-worked university student even once I apply foundation and concealer and powder? No I say no it is not!) This salmon coloured concealer comes in a cream in a cute little brown pot. In total there are 6 skin shades for one to choose from which doesn't seem like many, but the thing to remember about concealers (especially undereye ones) is that its okay if they are lighter or not exactly your skin tone as if they are a shade lighter you'll look more awake and the peach or pink undertones will counteract any darkness of your circles. The full size product contains 0.08oz.
After scoping out the beauty section of The Body Shop and pouting upon the realization that they didn't have the Autumn Leaves compact in stock yet and the SA not even knowing what the heck I was talking about (see this post for a brief look at the compact I'm talking about). However, since The Body Shop was having a buy 2 get 1 free deal, and the place always smells so darn good, I ended up purchasing a Mango sugar scrub, a lemon body moisturizer and a strawberry moisturizer. The scrub looks luscious and contains mango oil for moisturizing so I can't wait to use it on my legs in the shower.
Picture shamelessly stolen from the USA Body Shop Website.
Lastly, I boringly got citrus mint toothpaste as I find mint too much and they didn't have vanilla *pout*. So that's all, When I get a chance to really try out the primers I'll let you know what I thought of them (and which if any I decided to get). Anyone else purchased anything lately? Let me know in the comments! Or if you have and questions or other comments I'm happy to read them too! :D

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