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No Buys: How to Resist in 16 Tips

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No money. The horrible situation that plagues every addict or hobbiest on the face of the planet. And with all the new makeup and beauty items avaliable every day, it can be very hard to resist making 'just one small purchase'. So, here are my tips and tricks to keeping your money in your pocket and not giving in to the overwhelming need to get that new blush, eyeshadow, mascara, or other sparkly attractive product.

1) Make a concrete start date and end date, covering at least a month of time. Having an end in sight really helps. Only 4783 days to go! Well, maybe not that long, but knowing that eventually you will be able to indulge again does help.

2) Keep in mind that beauty products are a luxury. Yes, you may look like a member of the undead without them but so did millions of others throughout history and in less wealthy parts of the world. Also, having a reason to be saving the money is important- even if it's just for retirement and it's going into an account for that, you need to have a goal or point to keep on track.

3) Stores containing beauty items should be avoided as much as humanly possible. If you have to go into the drug store for whatever reason see the next point.

4) If you must go into a store for an essential (i.e. foundation) do not make eye contact with anything else, and if you do, DO NOT TOUCH IT! I find if I touch the item I'm much closer to actually buying it (somehow once it's in my possession I don't want to let it go!)

5) No matter how tempting, (or how good the deal is!) don't click on websites or links to where you can purchase cosmetics. 

6) If you've failed number five, hopefully you'll have obeyed this one. Credit cards should be a minimum of ten meters away from your computer. If you actually have to get up and rifle through your underwear drawer to find your credit card, you are less likely to use it.

7) Sticky notes are everyones friend. In large and/or colourful lettering stick them on the edge of your computer, on your credit cards, on your wallet and on the edge of your bathroom mirror with similar messages: "I can resist, and saving money for ______, is more important than the luxury of makeup."

8) I've found that can either help or hinder a no buy. Figure out which type of person you are and read accordingly- I find that blogs (especially with swatches) satisfy part of my MU craving so I quite happily read. If it drives you to run out and buy, buy, buy, stop reading blogs for a while.

9) Items that catch your eye and you find yourself craving, should be added to a "Lemming List". The list should include all the information about it (even pictures if you want) but MUST include the price in one of the first columns-- the list items should once weekly be compared to everything else you already own (i.e. by comparing swatches, pics etc.) so you can visually see that some of the items are useless as you own something similar (and trust me, most of us will as we'll be attracted to the same colours again and again.)

10) If you are feeling the urge to try something new, distract yourself. Go on a long walk with the dog, go to the library and bring home and read a stack of books that rival your height, or watch a favourite movie with the hubby or a close friend. Changing your focus will help you stay in line with your goal.

11) Sephora samples. Oh the joy of these two sweet words for beauty junkies, craving a fix everywhere. Leave all forms of money (this includes, cheques, cash, change, credit cards, debit cards, and your significant others wallet) at home (or with someone who will with hold them and not cave to your groveling) and happily go in the store. My reccommendation is to bring a little booklet and a pen where you can swatch things on the paper with the names and prices so you can look at them later too. Also items that really grab your attention you can ask for a sample from one of the SA. They are usually fairly generous with samples so this should hold you over your period of weakness. Just try to keep in mind camping outside the doors of Sephora is not considered cool.

12) Make a clear cut and dry list of products you live off of at the beginning of the no buy. This should include your essentials that you would have a complete and utter meltdown without. This list should be no more than ten items and you need to only replace the items there if you completely run out. Don't try another brand or colour, don't buy a back-up only replace the item as needed. This is only likely to happen once in a blue moon and the list should not be added to or modified once past the first two days of the no buy.

13) Make a point to use your stash everyday. Also remember to change it up, try different or new looks or products that don't get much use. This will help you remember that you can look great with what you already have, feed your makeup fix, and show you that you can live without more.

14) Tell others close to you what you're doing, why you're doing it and ask for their support. Having someone to depend on and will help keep you in line helps a large amount.

15) Find a website where you can add reviews of your products to it. This will help you realize what you really appreciate of your stash; things that are mediocre and you shouldn't purchase again; and colours that don't suit you. It will also help other people make smart purchases (which always makes me feel like I've accomplished something) as well as distracting you from looking up new makeup. 

16) And lastly, don't be too hard on yourself if you fail. There is a possibility to return the item if you feel guilty, but know that even if you can't it's not the end of the world. Put the makeup item in view everyday with a note near it saying "I lapsed a bit here, but I can resist for the rest of my no buy." We're human, we all fail every once in a while. So forgive yourself and tighten your resolve to try again.

So I hope this is helpful for everyone! I'm posting this because I know how difficult it can be to resist something really pretty! I also am currently on a no buy, so I wanted to make my avoidance tips available for others going through it too. If you're interested below is my No Buy rules.

- Nothing until the October release of the Mac: A Tartan Tale collection.
- The only items I'm allowed to replace are: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation in Intensity 1.0, and Clinique Lash Power Mascara in Black.
- And my lemming list is in a table on word :D

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