Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bambi Lashes

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Like many other beauty bloggers out there, I would love to find a mascara that would give me the elusive and highly sought after 'Bambi Lashes'. Though for everyday, I adore Clinique Lash Power for it's durability, smudgelessness and look, once in a while I still yearn for this. Why? some may ask. By the end of this I'm fairly sure I'll turn you into a believer, if not just allowing the illumination of understanding to shine upon you.
Bambi, like all fawns, has the wonderful and unattainable thick, long, and fluttery lashes women want. They are glossy, they are long, they are thick, they frame the eye making it look larger and they manage to look dramatic, and innocent at the same time. And somehow, they also achieve the feat of not looking ridiculous either. These are the type of lashes meant for batting adorably at your victim of choice, because somehow, little hairs sticking out from near our eyeballs can cause catastrophic events. 

Above, if you look closely is an excellent example of "doe eyes" as seen on Bambi's mother. Thick, long lashes on a slightly hooded sultry eye. Yes, I do realize I am talking about a cartoon deer, but this seems to be a running theme of Disney movies. Thus, the perfect ideal of feminine lashes was implanted in the majority of society's brains at an early age.

So, how do you achieve Bambi lashes you ask? The easiest way to achieve this is by finding some nice false lashes (either stick or glue on ones) that achieve the effect. Below, however, is a list of what myself, and others found to be the best mascara to become baby deer eyed.

  • Clinique Long Pretty Lashes
  • Fresh Supernova
  • Guerlain Le 2
  • MAC Zoomlash
  • NYX Doll Eyes
  • Eyeko Mascara
  • Revlon Grow Luscious
  • Diorshow
I've not tried all these myself, so I cannot guarantee anything specific (except the Clinique Long Pretty Lashes I remember being impressed by that one). How about anyone else, what is your favourite mascara? Any particular one you've tried that gives this effect?

Random Fact: The poisonous plant Belladonna is named thus due to the widening of the irises in the eyes of the person who ingested it. This gives them the "wide-eyed innocent" look of young girls, before they die due to the toxins.

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