Saturday, April 2, 2011

NOTD: Joe Fresh Mallard Polish

Mallard (as in the Mallard Duck) is a lovely hunter green cream. Distinctly green in all lighting but still kind of dark with a blue undertone (which seems to have issues showing up during photographing- *sigh*). Love this colour. Love. To me it is a very summery shade as it reminds me of leaves all out in full.
More realistic colour :D

Unfortunately, there is a major downside to this polish. It applied alright but really needed three coats, but it wears horribly. Not anything like Butter was. The night I applied it I was already getting tip wear and now two days later, I'm going to have to remove it as the chipping is so bad. I took the photos the next morning and you can see the tip wear and chipping issues. Such a shame as it's a lovely colour. 

Sprite Rating: 3/10 Only thing it got points for was the shade and the small price tag/small bottle. 

Would I buy this again? NO. Doesn't apply nice enough to put up with the major wear issues.