Monday, March 28, 2011

NOTD: Joe Fresh Butter Polish

I'm using the one hour between my classes today (when I really should be having lunch) to instead bring you Joe Fresh's Butter Nail Polish. This is an awesome pastel yellow with the smallest tinge of cream in it. It's brighter on the nail than it is in the bottle but it's not by any means bright yellow. I really love it exactly as the name suggests a butter yellow. Perfect for spring and uplifting my mood. 
This polish applied well, especially for a yellow cream which are notorious for applying streaky. It needed a minimum of three coats though. The real thing I enjoyed about the polish was how long it lasted, better than I expected especially for a drugstore polish. It had some tip wear issues but other than that lasted an easy four days. 

Overall a great pastel polish for any collection. I especially like that it was only $4 (3 for $10 or $4 by itself), and in a mini bottle. I think the smaller bottles are a great idea as I can never even finish half a bottle of regular sized polish. If you're in Canada or know someone from there that can get you a bottle of Joe Fresh I'd recommend going for it!


  1. Oh, what a pretty color! It really does look like butter. Delicious!

  2. @ Varnish Vixen- Normally I'm not much of a yellow person, but I really like this colour! I find it very euphoric and sunny, very mood boosting. And of course it reminds me of lots of scrumptious and unhealthy things to eat! Glad you like it!