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Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care SPF 30~ Review

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About a month ago I secured (despite the fact the counter lady fought me on it at first) a sample of the Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care SPF 30. In spite of it being a huge mouthful to say this little product is an absolute gem! But first let me tell you a bit more about it and the reason why I wanted it in the first place.

A little while ago I noticed that the lines under my eyes that I was blessed with due to allergies and my high-stress lifestyle, were getting worse. "I'm 21, I refuse to have lines!" Was the exclamation that came from this and as I know that the sun is the worst aging factor on skin I decided that I really needed a sunscreen that was suitable for my eye area. You would think this would be an easy feat to accomplish, a quick nip to the drugstore and I should have this solved right? Wrong! I put anything near my eyeballs and I get major stinging (of both the super sensitive skin around my eye as well as when my eyes run from wind and the sunscreen gets in them!). Not to mention the redness the pawing in pain and then subsequently the fact that I've removed what I put on in the first place due to irritation and my eyes watering. (My eyes water alot, just as a note. Allergies and Canadian winter winds just don't like me very much I'm afraid.) Then someone recommended this product by Clarins.

Clarins claims that this product is "More than just sun protection, this technologically advanced sun product is designed for the eye contour area. Formulated with a revolutionary plant-based complex that helps prevent lines and wrinkles and stops photoaging in its tracks. This light, oil-free, non-irritating formula won't sting or irritate sensitive eyes."
Certainly sounds good so far yes? But on top of this they go on to say "Phyto-Sunactyl 2 Complex (extracts of senna, olive, pea, plane tree, and baobab) helps protect the formation of premature lines and wrinkles as it fights photoaging's worst enemy, the AP1 factor, as 100 percent mineral filters provide triple, protection against hazardous UVA/UVB and infrared rays."

I don't know many people out there that would say based on the description alone they wouldn't want the benefits of this. And the best thing is as far as I can tell this lives up to it's claims!
Eye Contour is super light-weight (you don't feel like you have anything on once it has soaked in). It doesn't break me out, it's non-greasy, sinks in quickly, and doesn't have any scent that I can detect. As a bonus it also seems to prime my undereye area really well for concealer, making it go on smoother and without emphasizing my flaws as much. (A great property all on it's own, don't you think?)
In addition to this you only need the tiniest amount. Like half a pinky finger nail sized amount for both eyes. I dab it beneath both undereyes then spread it around and up onto the eyelids too. No stinging, no watering, no irritation at all. I've even got this stuff in my eye and there wasn't an issue. Yay!

I'm not sure about the anti-aging properties to be honest. However, I'm not counting them out of the running, I'm just saying my lines haven't really gotten better either (which is unlikely to happen anyways). I figure they may help a bit to prevent things from getting worse so I'm all for that.

The Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care SPF 30 is available at your local Clarins counter or at Sephora, Nordstroms, The Bay or Sears Online. I'm sure it's available other places too. It costs $28 USD for 0.7 oz of product, and comes in a white and orange squeeze tube.

Overall, despite the price and small size of the tube this product is worth your time and money if you have sensitive eyes like me.

Sprite Rating: 9/10- Lost a point for high price.

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