Sunday, March 13, 2011

Joe Fresh Polish Haul & Twilight NOTD

Joe Fresh Nail Polishes- Butter, Twilight, Mallard, and Gunmetal
Hey all! I popped into my local Zehrs and they had released the new spring Joe Fresh polishes with the exciting flakie polish in Twilight. So, since they have the great 3 for $10 CND deal I bought all three of my store's Twilight bottles (one for me, one for my giveaway and one for a friend in the USA) and 3 other colours to try from the range. If you don't know Joe Fresh is a cruelty-free grocery store cosmetics line currently only available here in Canada. The bottles are the same size as the small Wet n' Wild Craze bottles are. 
Butter is a light pale yellow cream shade. I've been lemming American Apparel's Butter for awhile so I decided to take the plunge and get this one!
Mallard is also a cream, this is a blue-toned medium to dark green shade. (I'm such a sucker for greens)
Gunmetal is a metallic brown with plenty of silver shimmer in it. 
Twilight is a black jelly with green-gold flakies in it. 

Twilight needed three coats and as it is a jelly the black never does go to a true black. This could easily be solved with a black coat underneath. I also think it would look nice over other dark colours, very vampy with a twist. The flakies in this are gorgeous, mainly they reflect green and gold but sometimes you see a warm orange or even a spark of red. I really don't see it as a Spring shade at all, but it's definitely extremely different from anything else I have or have seen this season from other brands. Like another blogger said (and I can't remember who you are so I'm sorry!) I really see this as a fall shade, to me it's very reminiscent of halloween, october harvests and moons and dried leaves on the ground at night. Like the end of one of those really vibrant breathtaking sunsets in autumn, the second before it goes dark. Considering that Autumn is my favourite season, you can tell that this polish is going to be a favourite of mine :D.

I needed 3 coats and still have some spots that probably should have another coat but it applied well. The flakies were easier than I thought they were going to be to work with. With my normal one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat it feels smooth to the touch, no bumps or edges from the flakies. The flakies were fairly thick in the bottle too so you get a good coverage of flakie per nail when applying.
If you look at the top two nails you can see the differences in flakie colour fairly well- Green and Golden-Orange
I had issues photographing this one but I hope you get the idea. I really like the polish and if you get the chance try to get a bottle if you're into vampy colours! Not sure on the wear yet, but we shall see.
:D Till next time!

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