Thursday, March 10, 2011

Opinion needed! They don't test, but the owners do... (Small Giveaway)

Lately it has come to my attention that there are quite a few companies out there that don't test on animals but the company that owns them do. Do you feel this companies should be included here or that they should be excluded due to the fact some of the money may go back to a company that does animal test. Most of these companies are fairly large on their own, so I would assume that most profits stay within their own brand and only the highest people of the mother company would receive money but I wanted to ask everyone here what they thought.

For example these brands don't test on animals but are owned by a company that does.

  • The Body Shop- Owned by L'Oreal
  • Neutrogena- Owned by Johnson & Johnson
  • Sally Hansen- Owned by Coty
  • Essie- Owned by L'Oreal
  • OPI- Owned by Coty
  • N.Y.C. Owned by Coty
  • Got2B Owned by Schwartzkopf
  • PureOlogy Owned by L'Oreal
  • TIGI Owned by Unilever
If all of you could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Fill out the small form below I would really appreciate it. This will help determine the direction of this blog so it's super important! And there is a small give-away involved. Someone who fills out the form and is a follower will be randomly selected to receive a couple of make-up items that are favourites of mine. They won't be worth a lot (I'm a University Student!) but they will be of good quality (at least in my opinion!). More details on the actual prize in a few days (when it stops raining long enough for me to actually get to the store). However it will most likely include a Wet n' Wild eyeshadow, A Revlon lipgloss and a Nail polish of some sort. Open internationally, I'll e-mail the winner. The giveaway portion of this closes April 1st at Midnight in MY time zone- that is here in Ontario Canada. If you win and don't reply to the e-mail within 3 days I'll remove your entries and redraw a winner. Thanks so much everyone!


Giveaway Prizes (with Pictures!) Here!

UPDATE! I've been getting people that have entered the giveaway saying the facebook entry isn't working properly. In light of this I've decided to just give everyone that fills out the survey the extra entry.  In addition to this you can also get an extra two entries by posting the giveaway on your blog/sidebar. Include a link to the main post in this and leave a comment on any of the three giveaway posts with the link to the page that has the giveaway details and I'll add the entries to your total. I'm really sorry for all the fuss. I honestly have no idea why it's not working. 

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