Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Giveaway Prizes! (with Pictures)

I noticed some of you had issues finding Hebridean Sprite Beauty on Facebook! So Sorry! It's through Networked Blogs, you can click here to find it on Facebook! If you want the entry but have already filled out the survey, leave me a comment on this post after you've liked it and I'll give you the entry!

Now onto the prizes!

One Wet n' Wild Color Icon Shadow Single in my favourite shade Brulee. My personal one has a huge dent in it, I use it all the time as it's the perfect highlight and the perfect shade to even out discolouration on my lids. I even use it as an undereye powder over my concealer sometimes. Even those with darker skintones can use this shade in my humble opinion as it would make a great intermediate blending colour between two darker shades and for brightening the inner eye. A wonderful matte creamy shade with great pigmentation, that doesn't break the bank either. This is from awhile ago, but you can see my first impression of this eyeshadow and swatches on this post here! I'll probably do a full review on this soon.
Joe Fresh is a Canadian Brand that can only be bought at certain drugstores here, and these mini bottles have grabbed the attention of many nail polish fiends in Canada and beyond. This is the newest sensation is this little beauty released for spring. My first flakie polish and named Twilight I love the contrast between the dark base and the gold-green flakes. This bottle is brand new (I bought more than one) so you can enjoy this Canadian exclusive too! My nail of the day and review of this polish is coming next week!

Makeup by Revlon at ShopStyle
The next prize I haven't bought yet so I've had to use a stock photo. (For some reason I can't find my gloss either! Sheesh!) But if you haven't heard of this gloss yet, it's about you do! This is my favourite of the drugstore glosses I've tried, medium to full pigmentation, SPF 15, smells wonderful and non-sticky! Plus the packaging looks like something from one of the higher end brands such as Estee Lauder. The shade I'll be purchasing for the contest is Life's A Peach really lovely peachy-pink shade with a slight shimmer. In the tube it doesn't look that nice but on the lips it really shows it's potential! An excellent everyday coloured gloss I think would suit many people. A review will most likely pop up about this gloss sometime this month. I have to find my mysteriously missing glosses first lol.
Last but not least is a New York Color Blushable Creme Stick in Big Apple Blush. I adore this cream to powder formula and the pigmentation is fabulous! Pictured above is my blush stick, the winner will of course get a brand new one. You can check out my review of this blush here!


  1. Love the prizes :) I've already filled out the survey, but I don't own a Facebook account... will that affect anything?

  2. No, it won't affect anything! It was just a way to get an extra entry. A bunch of people are having trouble with it though so I may have to come up with another option. I'll probably make a post about it.