Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mac Vex Eyeshadow~ Review

Mac tends to be one of the most popular cosmetic brands out there. This is often because it has the feel and look of a higher end brand with slightly lower pricing with a fairly wide selection. I like some of Mac's products but not all of them. Their eyeshadows tend to vary quite a bit in quality and formula and some of them can be quite disappointing. Vex however is one example of when they do their eyeshadows right.
You can see how well loved my Vex shadow is here
Vex is a light grey with a slight green tint with a pink reflect. It's the perfect neutral in my opinion, not a natural shade but not bright. Vex is very flattering just as a wash all over the lid. The duochrome makes it appear that you've done way more work than you have. Vex makes a wonderful if slightly frosty highlight or tear-duct colour. I find just using Vex lightly as a highlight works best.

I find that Vex is great due to it's versatility. It really goes with just about any other colour. Red, blue, green, purple Vex tends to complement whatever it is paired with.
Vex is well pigmented and applies smoothly even if it looks like it won't in the pan. The shade is quite unique too, I've never seen anything that duplicates this shade. To me this is one of Mac's best shades, unique, well pigmented and no formula issues. It really is versatile, I think it's a shade that would work nicely for any skin tone.

Sprite Rating: 9.5/10 Though it can be ever so slightly frosty Vex is Holy Grail material for me!

Overall I like this shade. The only reason it lost a half point is because it can be a bit too frosty at times and Mac's prices are raised yearly.

Would I buy this again? Yes. In fact thus far this is the only Mac eyeshadow I would buy a second one of, I really love this shade.


  1. If you like this, then you must try Concrete Minerals Lolita. A must have neutral with 10x's the personality of Vex.

  2. Gorgeous! Vex has been on my lust list for quite a while now.

  3. Probably my favourite shadow ever. I agree that it can run a little too frosty, but that combination of soft grey/ green with the pink duochrome is incredible. One of the shades that first really sold me on Mac, years ago.

  4. OOh! Thanks for this - I'll have to take a closer look next time I'm at the MAC store.

  5. Awwww~
    I think about buying it too....