Monday, April 11, 2011

New Annabelle Day Dream Collection for Spring

Recently I made a quick stop into my local Rexall and I noticed that Annabelle had their new Spring Collection out, Day Dream. The collection features pinks with accents of orange, medium purples and turquoise. There is also a rather random bright Chartreuse eyeshadow shade as well. So, because I was rather impressed by the colours (and they had a bunch of testers!) I swatched the collection for you all!
I was impressed with two glitter liners from Day Dream. Most glitter liners I find are either a colourless gel with no pigment and really spread out glitter, or the glitter is too large, or they don't apply nicely. The dark purple one blew me away! I couldn't believe how nice it was, so pigmented and pretty! I totally should have picked it up, and I'm kicking myself for not!

Top to Bottom Left Column- Peach and Pink squeezy lip gloss tube shades. Berry-pink smudgeable eye pencil shade. Dark purple and turquoise glitter liners.
Top to Bottom Right column- Rose Pink, Periwinkle, Turquoise, and Chartreuse (named Day Glow) eyeshadow shades. 

I don't know why/how I forgot to swatch all the different nuances of the new blush that came out with the collection, but I did. Here however, is a close up picture of it, and it's beautiful. The black lines are hard plastic separating the powders.
Look at all the pretty shades! 
I do remember that the shades of the blush were really pigmented, so if you're looking for a neat new blush for Spring (and you're in Canada!) this one is one I'd most certainly recommend!

Prices for the collection range from $3.50 to $9.00 CND (without taxes). What do you think about the colours they chose for spring? Like something from a Day Dream or a living Nightmare? (hehehe)


  1. The blush and the lipglosses look really pretty!

  2. Thanks for your comment Gaby! I agree, I think the collection is very pretty. I particularly am fond of the periwinkle blue eyeshadow shade :D