Monday, April 11, 2011

More new Make-up items for Spring! (Marcelle and Physician's Formula)

Marcelle (another Canadian brand) has also released there new Spring Collection, Paradisia. Like Annabelle, Marcelle has released two lipglosses one orange and the other hot pink. There is also an all over face powder (shimmery) and two eyeshadows. I love the patterning on the powders and they are solid colours all the way through. 
Laguna eyeshadow

Face Shimmery Powder
Next up is the new Cashmere Bronzers from Physician's Formula.
Though there were no testers and therefore I couldn't tell if the non-bronzer colour went all the way through the powder or not, the patterning and the packaging is beautiful. It's a faux suede with a tassel and it's just so gosh darn pretty! If I was a bronzer girl I'd totally be after this one. It costs $19.99 CND.

What do you think of these things? Digging it or not so much?


  1. Wow those cashmere powders are so gorgeous! I'm the same, not really into bronzer though.

  2. Hey Pinup Cherry Makeup! Thanks so much for your comment (and recent follower status!) I love the look of so many different bronzers but never like how they look on me, I always end up feeling like I look dirty. I just think I'm too pale for Bronzers. Really love the luxe look of these though!

  3. I love the look of the bronzer as well! I love the design--- however it does seem a bit pricey to try on a whim, especially not being a huge bronzer person myself.