Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Joe Fresh Liquid Liner Pen~ Review

Lately, on a quick run in to the grocery store I spotted Joe Fresh's Liquid Liner Pen, a felt tip thin black liner. This Pen was only $6 so I thought I'd give it a try as I like other Joe Fresh products and I've been wanting to try a liquid felt-tip liner pen for a while. There were a couple other shades such as a light brown and a dark olive green but I chose basic black for a fifties sort of look. I was hoping to create a cat eye.
One of the best things about this liner is the felt-tip. It's got a really fine tip so I can easily do a thin line along my lashes. The sort of matte area of the plastic makes the pen easy to grip and it's not too difficult to create a bolder line as well. I was a little worried the liquid wouldn't reach all the way to the very tip of the felt end but it did. Yay.
Now for the bad news. First up is that this needs to be stored horizontally, which is a pain, though one I could live with if not for this liner's other faults. Though the pigmentation isn't bad, it isn't the blackest black out there, but again, I could live with this. 

The main issue I have with this product is the lasting power. It has very little. It never fully 'set' meaning when I rubbed my eye a little later it came off some on my finger. Also, by the end of the day this liner was completely gone on my one eye and only faintly visible on my other eye. It didn't fade evenly and instead of disappearing, it instead migrated to my already dark under eye circles. Can anyone say major transfer issues?! I didn't even leave the house yesterday when I tried this liner! Sheesh! I suppose it may last longer with a primer underneath but I don't really like pushing primer up that close to my lash line, plus if my eyes watered at all (as they like to do, especially during allergy season) I have a feeling this liner would be a lost cause. 

On top of this, the liner only hold 1 ml of product. What a pathetically small amount! 

Sprite Rating: 2/10- The only good thing is the low price tag and the fact the felt-tip liner is decent.

Would I buy this again? NO! Not worth even the $6 CND. I want my makeup to last!

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