Friday, October 22, 2010

Sephora OPI Holiday Polish Combined Blog Swatches!

Looks Like Rain Dear
(Click to see it large, it has holo glitter in it!)
Image From Finchburg on MUA
As I'm sure you all know, Sephora has recently released their Sephora OPI Holiday polishes. Hard to find swatches of, I hunted down over the internet swatch pictures of all of them for you! Please note NONE of these photos are mine, I've borrowed them from the sources listed. Some of the sources have more or alternate pictures of the swatches, I just chose my favourite for each polish so if you're interested click the links below the pictures to go to their blogs or pages. Thanks so much to everyone, enjoy!
P.S. To see the original post with bottle pictures and information Click HERE.
Flurry Up
Image From Make Up Shake Down Blog
Sparkle Me Silver
Image From The Nailphile Blog
What's Your Point-setta?
Image From Ali's Nail News Blog
Merry Me
Image from Ali's Nail News Blog
Only Gold For Me
Image From Vampy Varnish Blog


  1. Thanks for posting them all in one place, super helpful!

  2. Completely agree with Laura! Thanks for posting all of the colors in one place!