Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tutorial: Purple Fantasy Eye

A little while ago I showed you a look called Robot in the Jungle, which was the theme for the birthday party I went to. Some of you commented on the eye make-up and my lovely follower and friend from Iceland, Gudrun, (I'm sorry I've butchered your name with the lack of symbols!) asked for a tutorial so thats what I'm showing you today. Instead of studying for those two midterms I have next week.... 
The look is really not that hard I've got pictures of each step so just follow along!

What you need:

  • Makeup brushes. You're going to need an eyeliner brush, an all over shadow brush and a thin shadow brush (don't worry I've got pictures of each brush before I use it!)
  • A red based brown metallic liner. My love is Mac's Rich Ground fluidline which is what I've used here
  • A purple almost blue shadow with magenta flash. Urban Decay two very similar and the one I'm using is Make Up Academy's Shade 9 (Pearl finish). The MUA range is available in Britian for only one pound a shadow.
  • A red-brown shadow that has blue or teal reflect. There are alot of these out there. Mac Club, Mac Blue brown pigment, Urban Decay Lounge, or Too Faced Label Whore are all variants of this. I'm using another MUA shadow this time in Shade 12 (Pearl finish).
  • A silver-pink shadow. The only one I know if is Mac's Vex but I'm sure there are others out there. Vex is one of my favourite shadows, but a silver might work as well.
  • A pearl or silver coloured luminizer. Again there are a bunch out there I just used Lorac's Oil-free luminizer in 01- Pearl (it's the one in the sample tub as it makes it easier to get the amount I need each time without wasting a ton from the temperamental pump).
  • A light pinky-purple shadow. A light pink blush would work too. I'm using petalescent from a Mac palette I have.
  • Black Mascara. Which ever brand or formula you like best.
Blank eye
Step 1: Start with your blank eye prep before you start. I personally need an eye primer (I use TFSI) to avoid creasing but some like to add moisturizer or UDPP, etc. Just don't worry about reddness or discolouration, it's all getting covered up anyways.

Step 2: Take your liner and liner brush and with medium thickness draw a line all across your upper eyelashes. Don't worry if it's not perfect, that's why it gets put on first so any mistakes are mellowed by the rest of the look. Then apply the same liner all along your waterline (on the piece of skin between you eyeball and your lower lashes).

Imperfect liner (closed eye)
Imperfect liner along the water liner (open eye)
Step 3: Cover the lid up to the crease (but not into the crease!) with the purple eyeshadow. Feel free to go right overtop of the liner if it's dried already. It should show through the shadow just fine.
Purple eyeshadow on flat shader brush

Step 4: Take the very tip of the flat shader brush (or another flatish brush) and line 4/5ths of your lower lash line with the purple colour. Leave the inner 1/5th and tear duct alone.

Step 5: Take the red-brown green/blue reflect shadow into the crease. I find it easiest to do this with a crease pointy brush or with a flat shader and just push the brush gently along where your eye folds back when it opens. Try not to overdo the crease colour too much. Like I totally did (I had to wipe a bit off but not too much)
A little too much crease colour up top. Try to actually keep it in your crease.
Step 6: This is the part where your eye will temporarily look swollen. However, it's a gradient and we are going to fix it so bear with me! Apply your light pink shadow from the ending of the crease colour up to your eyebrow. Blend blend blend the pink and the red-brown with green reflect together so there is no harsh line.
We're getting closer!
See! You can't tell where the red-brown with reflect ends and the pink begins!
This is what you want.
Step 7: Vex eyeshadow is about to play it's lovely part. It has two roles a under the outer half of the brow highlight and a tear duct highlight. Go over the top most outer portion of the under-brow area with a layer or two of vex. Then take vex along the inner tear duct liberally and along the leftover/uncovered part of the lower lash line. This helps open your eye up.

Step 8: This step is optional, if you want some extra pizzaz take a tiny bit of luminizer and pat it into the tear duct too.

Step 9: Last step and the easiest of all. Just apply a coat of mascara to your top and bottom lashes. I've used Clinique Lash Power because it's my favourite but go ahead and use your favourite or what ever you have on hand. And you're done!
What do you think? Something you're going to give a try? The thing about this look is that the duochromes make it look way more complicated than it actually is, because they're two colours in one.

If you have any questions or something seems unclear send me and e-mail or comment and I'll get back to you ASAP!


  1. This is really pretty. I don't think I am that talented, though...eye make-up confuses me!!

  2. Thank you so much for this! I really, really love this look, I will definitely try it some day :) Again, a big thank you! O, and don't worry about the name thing, lol! Some of the Icelandic letters are a bit strange, so I am quite used to seeing my name written that way, it is really no problem! Hugs, Guðrún.