Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Because It's... Um Cool?

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Though the brand name itself is getting a lot of criticism- Ultraflesh? Really? What does showing tons of skin have to do with mascara? It sounds like a bikini company or a Vegas show girl clothing store- I must say I'm liking the first offering the company has put out. Ultraflesh's first mascara Panthera has a neat black panther head on the end of the tube and a sleek design with a gold simplistic logo.

The brush itself looks good too, precise and thickening on one side, and a comb (not shown) on the other. No idea if this is good or not of course because Canada always gets the new things last. It costs $26 USD or $28 CND and is currently only available online at Sephora to Beauty Insiders. It also only comes in black but the formula is toted to be volumizing, defining, and long-wearing. They also say that the mascara is flexible on the lashes due to waxes in the formula, to keep them soft and to enhance growth.

I probably won't try it myself as I prefer tubing mascaras (nothing else stays on all day without smudging, and comes off as easily at night), but what about everyone else? Anyone in the mood for some cat-eye lashes?

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