Friday, October 22, 2010

Look Books- High End vs. Low End

Makeup Sets by Bobbi Brown at ShopStyle

Recently when I was in my local Zellars I noticed the ELF (Eyes, Lips, Face) Look Books. I was surprised because they reminded me of an e-mail I had just recieved not too much earlier, the Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules palette.

Eye Makeup at Target at ShopStyle

From Bobbi Brown website
Though I'm sure the quality differs they both seem to have a very similar look to both, as though they are school notebooks. The Bobbi Brown is $45 USD and has a combination of eyes, cheek and lip products.  The E.L.F. on the otherhand has only one type of product per palette, however there are multiple palette types and shades available unlike the Bobbi Brown version.
Left: Eye Brights Edition, Right: Neutral Eye Edition
Left: Lip Edition, Right: Smoky Eye Edition
I didn't see them personally but E.L.F. also has Beauty Encyclopedias out which combine more types of lip or eye products together. All the E.L.F. palettes are $5.00 USD at Target, or at Zellars in Canada I found them for $9.99 CND.

Eyes Shimmer & Glitter at Target at ShopStyle

Lip Products at Target at ShopStyle

So what do you think? Blatent copying? Or excellent bargain? Personally I like both the expensive Bobbi Brown one and the E.L.F. ones. The idea I think is cute!


  1. I'd probably get the cheaper one if I had to decide. But I really love this idea...very cute, might become a holiday gift for my sister.

  2. I completely agree I think these would make excellent gifts for friends, especially younger girls in their tweens and teens :D

  3. I haven't tried these...but I do like ELF. Some of their products aren't that great, but many of the products from ELF work just as fine. But I also like Bobbi Brown as well; when you use BB products, you just notice that the quality is really good and worth the money.