Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 Things to be Thankful For

I'm celebrating Thanksgiving today here in Canada and because it's the 10th month and the tenth year and the tenth day, I figured I needed 10 things to be thankful for.

1) Surprise rainbows! I literally looked up and saw a huge rainbow out my window the other day. Rainbows are a small miracle in my opinion and something I'm definitely thankful for!

2) My little gerbils Merlin (blonde one on the bottom), and Rowan (Brown one on top). These guys are my babies! They're also brothers and they entertain me endlessly with their antics, running around, jumping on each other, hiding food.  They keep me company in my little dorm room at university, and they're soft and friendly, I'm so happy these guys are in my life.
3 & 4) Bright nail polish colours and flowers. Seriously, a life without colour would be miserable.
5) Eco friendly and cruelty-free brushes that are super soft, work and clean well and are CHEAP! Seriously one of my best finds ever was Ecotools brushes. I'm so glad for these they help cosmetic application majorly! (Above is a kit I saw in Zellars, with a bamboo jar)

6) Family. Without my family I don't know how I'd get through the day. 

7) Internet! Seriously, I was on that safari and it felt like I was missing a limb without my internet! Such a massive amount of knowledge, pictures, games, and of course blogs! Yay!

8) Foundation. Specifically Estee Lauder Double Wear. Thank-you for a long wear foundation to make me look human again during bad skin days.

9) Acne cleansers, treatments and my Clarisonic Mia! Seriously from nightmare to manageable I am so glad everyday that I have skincare available!

10) Novels! I love reading alllllll the time. Without books my life would be lesser. I learn so much from reading and am I always entertained at the very least!

That's everything! Tell me some things you're thankful for! :D


  1. Oh my! Your gerbils are so adorable! I love them! If you wake up one day and they're gone, just know that I'm the one who took them! No, don't worry, I wouldn't do that, just kidding :) But they're still so cute!

  2. Thanks Gudrun! I love my little babies! Gerbils are great pets they live in an aquarium with a mesh top and since gerbils are really social they need to be with another gerbil so I got two brothers. They keep me from going crazy from loneliness when I'm trapped studying. I actually snuck them into residence with me when they weren't allowed there :D

  3. So cute! I love that you snuck them in, they deserve to be there, I agree!