Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cargo Holiday Collection: Lights Of The World

(Image from Temptalia)
Cargo has already released their lovely offering for the holiday season this year. In the same style as last years holiday palette Hands of Hope this year's offering is called Lights of the World. 
It's a black flip-top palette that contains eight eyeshadows and one blush/bronzer duo thats shaped like a medallion. The back of the cover has glossy words for light in different languages on it. Despite the palette's name being about lights they chose snowflakes as the symbol to emboss into the shadows and blush/bronzer themselves and to decorate the cover. A strange association but they created a pretty outcome. I think the palette provides a nice variety of shadow shades both for the end of fall, through the winter and into spring. I also like the cover design but I can see this palette having traveling issues due to the fact it doesn't seal or close securely, but it would be lovely to look at on a table top.
Image from Musing of a Muse
Image from Temptalia

The shadow shades contained are a shimmery teal, sparkly bronze, matte warm grey, glittery gold, matte beige, shimmery deep Electric blue, shimmery lilac, and a shimmery medium brown. The cheek duo is composed of an outer ring of bronzer in Medium and Blush in the centre in Rome. It costs $29 USD.

Anyone up for some snow under the lights?

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