Thursday, October 21, 2010

NOTD: Eyeko Indigo

Eyeko's Indigo Polish for Sultry nails is a truly lovely colour. Blueberry in colour (fondly known by some as a blurple) this polish is dark blue with purple undertones. It also has a fine medium-blue shimmer though out which makes it gorgeous to look at (distractingly so this morning through my midterm!). I'm sure there are dupes out there but I don't know of any, and I certainly don't own any! I love the soothing gem-like quality of this colour.
See the lighter blue spot near the cap in the bottle?
 That's the colour of the shimmer I can't seem to capture a photo of.
This seems to have a better formula than Eyeko's Rain, thankfully, but it was still a pain to deal with. I needed 2 - 3 coats depending on the nail and it dragged and had patchiness problems. It also didn't hold up too well to chipping showing tip wear within the day and chipping within two days (with both Gelous base coat and China Glaze Top Coat) which was disappointing. However, since it wasn't a miserable experience applying it and I love the colour I will continue to wear it on a semi-regular basis this season.

What do you think of Indigo?

Something to keep in mind, there are different places to order Eyeko from. Of course it's up to you where you order from (or if you order at all), but I didn't have a good experience with Eyeko's customer service. Just a FYI.

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