Friday, October 29, 2010

Mac Fluidline in Rich Ground~ Review

Everyone always talks about the Mac Fluidlines. And with good reason! I love my little pot of Fluidline in Rich Ground. A reddened chocolate this is my absolute favourite liner to bring out the green in my hazel eyes (a hard feat to accomplish). 
These pots, though small really pack a bang for your buck. Creamy and richly pigmented, not very much is needed for the desired effect. I find the gel liners the easiest to control and can produce the smoothest line for me with my brush of choice (no included).
What I really love about these is that these literally do not budge once they set. I can literally rub hard on my eyes (which happens more than it doesn't when you're cursed with allergies) and it won't smear or fade. I still have the lovely metallic brown-red glow until I take it off at night. This stuff even lasts all day on my waterline with my very watery eyes.
This was only one small dip of my brush in the liner and look haw much I got!
Eyeliner by M·A·C at ShopStyle

Clicking above will bring you to the Mac website with all the fluidline colour options. Most people's favourite is blacktrack, obviously a black liner, but seeing as I don't use black liner I've never been tempted by it.

One thing to keep in mind is that fluidline twist caps must be secured tightly otherwise they'll dry out as it's their ability to dry when spread that keeps them from smudging. So after every use close the cap tightly and store it upside down. By storing it upside down you are keeping the moisture in the product as any that evaporates will evaporate into the gel itself instead of into the air and escaping. As I've stored mine upside down I've never had any problems with it drying out and I've had it for about a year now. If it does get a bit dry, I've heard putting a couple drops of Visine on it and then closing and storing upside down helps a lot.

Overall Rating: 10/10 I've not found a liner that stays as well, doesn't irritate, brings out my eyes and doesn't smudge yet!
And because I recently uploaded it, a cute picture of my gerbies Rowan (left) and Merlin (right) sharing a drink from their water bottle.

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  1. Fluidlines are my holy grail lining product, love them! I just found your blog and am enjoying it :-)!