Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eye Makeup that Gives

Personally, I like buying things that give back. It makes me feel good that part of the proceeds are going to good causes, and I still get something myself too! So I looked around and found some neat eye products to show you!

Mascara by Josie at ShopStyle

First up is Josie Maran's Instant Natural Volume Argan Oil Mascara in Pitch Black. This is a long wearing mascara that gives to a charity called City of Hope. The idea is that every mascara you buy one goes to a woman suffering through cancer treatment for the first 5000 mascaras sold. After that $1.00 from each purchase through August 2012 will go to City of Hope's research, treatment and education of women's cancers. How great is that?
Makeup by Smashbox at ShopStyle

Smashbox's Wish for the Perfect Pencils is next. This pack of four long lasting waterproof colours, includes Onyx (black), Graphite (silver), Orchid (Dark Purple) and 14 K (Gold). They all look shimmery and I'm personally loving the colours. For only $16 USD, each package donates $1.00 USD to Children's Miracle Network up to $25,000 dollars. This seems like it will be a lovely gift for a friend or yourself!

Eyelash Curler by Sephora at ShopStyle

BCA Pink Eyelash Curler by Sephora is a pink coloured $16.00 USD eyelash curler with silicone grip pads. $1.00 USD from each purchase goes towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation which works on finding ways to prevent breast cancer and towards finding a cure.
Eyes Eye Makeup Remover by Ole Henriksen at ShopStyle

Ole Henriksen Purifying Makeup Removal Pads are last but not least. During October, 5% of every tub sold is going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Each of the 75 pads is soaked in completely oil-free, soothing extracts and vitamins. They say it's safe for contact wearers and doesn't leave a greasy residue. This costs $25 USD.

Anyone else have any great buys that give back for eye make-up?

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