Monday, October 11, 2010

Eyeko Order Disappointment

Over a month ago now I finally decided to cave and order some Eyeko polishes as they looked like nice quality polishes from a smallish brand with a cute edge that was also cruelty-free. I finally received my order (over a month later) this last week.

I've not tried the polishes yet (though I'll be doing reviews for that in the coming week) but what I am disappointed in is the Eyeko customer service. Eyeko basically scribbled on the customs sticker for my order as you can see above. Because of this the Canadian government read this scribble as 40 british pounds and said that my order was worth $64.84 Canadian dollars, instead of the $29 odd I paid for the polishes and the shipping. So, I got charged an extra
$18.19. That is almost twenty dollars, and without shipping would pay for the whole bloody order a second time! Even worse was Eyeko's responses to me about their mistake on the customs form.

as you can see in your declaration, the amount that was declared was £10, not £60. Also, the government should have charged you for the value of your order, as it is stated in your receipt inside your packet, not £60.

I am sorry to hear that you've been over taxed, but it is not our fault and mainly the Canadian government decision.

Kind Regards,

Eyeko Customer Service Team
They've basically said I was a liar despite sending them multiple pictures as proof that I'm not. And seriously, what is this about the government looking at my receipt inside my package? The government is supposed to open up my mail now is it? I am seriously disappointed and though I will review the polishes I won't be buying from them again. To me this is not the way to do costumer service.


  1. This is the saddest story ever! I keep thinking about getting these polishes too...I really hope this doesn't happen to me. I will be so mad!!! Seriously...what were you supposed to do rip open the package and show the delivery person your receipt??? And what was he/she going to do once you showed them the receipt??? Silly business.

  2. I've heard that has them too, I'd recommend ordering them through them instead because costumer service at Eyeko was miserable. Thanks for the support!