Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NOTD: Eyeko Vampira and Halloween Makeup Tips

Vampira is a lovely polish. Most of the time it looks black, thus giving a very gothic feel but when the light hits it-
BAM! Amazing red glitter! I love this polish. The name is perfect for it and I think it gives the perfect elegant dark mistress touch!
This polish went on without a struggle which was much appreciated after both Rain and Indigo caused me issues. This takes two to three coats for an opaque finish and the glitter is apparent when you rotate your nails in the light for the most part, just not from a distance. I also recommend a top coat as this seems to need some extra oomph to make it shiny and glass-like which is how I prefer my darker colours to be.
It also seems to be wearing better than Indigo as well with a couple small chips and minor tip wear after four days which is about average for my polish. (I apologize for my super short nails, they decided to have a breakdown quite literally with peeling and breaking all at once after I removed Indigo and I was forced to give them the cut. *Sigh*)
Anyways I think this is a great polish, though I did notice it seemed to look scuffed up very quickly.

Rating: 8/10 Not quite as much red glitter as I would have liked and seemed to scuff up and thus look cloudy easily.

 As a bonus for this post, since I'm being a Vampire-thing for halloween I decided to include some make-up tips and hints for costumes.
  1. Make-up is a great cheap way to really flash up your look, and halloween is the one time of year when more is well more! Don't be afraid to go crazy with your look.
  2. Do a Make-up trial run or 'dress rehearsal' before the big night or witches party. Finding out it takes 15 minutes to get the eye look you want or that it takes 30 minutes to get false eyelashes on right before you need to leave is not going to lead to a great start to the night.
  3. Hunt through your make-up stash for items that will already work before you hit the drug store. For example, I'm going to be a vampire and thus I want to be even paler than I am. How to do this? Use a matte white eyeshadow (I recommend Annabelle's Snow).
  4. To get a darker lip colour of any shade of lipstick you have put on a thin sheer coat of black lipstick (easily available this time of year) and then apply the lipstick over top and smoosh around on your lips. This is a great way to get more bang for your buck!
  5. Futuristic looks are easy to pull off if you have any highlighers or illuminators. Just put them on all over, especially if they are silver, gold, bronze or a mix of these. Metallics in other colours make great futuristic contrast. 
  6. A ghost is really easy for a last minute costume. Find white pjs, cover your face with white eyeshadow, take a white eyeliner pencil and colour in your brows and line your eyes and inner rims too. Take foundation and cover your lips. If you have a lip safe blue eyeshadow (any shade and finish of blue!) pat it lightly on top of your lips and presto! Instant ghost. (This is also a great base for a zombie look too! All you need after that is some blood and stitches.)
  7. If you've got a more complex costume, don't be afraid to bring you're makeup down from just your face. Black liquid liner makes excellent temporary tattoos.
  8. Try to avoid halloween face paints if you can. I only say this as they're not up to the standards of regular make-up for the most part, especially if you're sensitive in any way or acne-prone. That being said don't go out and buy a bunch of products you're only going to use once either. Sometimes opting for a mask or a half mask is the way to go.
Wet n' Wild Sleep Walker over WnW Black Fog.
Pretty Orange Shimmer in Black :D
Left with top coat, right without top coat (it obviously really needs one don't you think?)

Wet n' Wild's Sleep Walker
Awesome Haunted Halloween colour!


  1. I want to purchase online lipstick for my dry lips.
    Which Will be better?
    Beauty Tips

  2. I've not tried many lipsticks to be honest but I've heard good things about Lipstick Queen for moisture. One thing you can do is apply a lip balm beneath your lipstick and that will help a lot with dryness. Hope that helps! (If you could tell me which lipsticks you're looking at I could find out more for you)

  3. I really like Vampira...but the Eyeko polish I want to the most right now is Military. I don't want to just order one polish though if I'm going to have to pay for international shipping. :(