Saturday, October 23, 2010

Three Custom Color Specialists Killer Heat Lip Gloss~ Review

A little while ago there was a deal where if you bought the book Killer Heat during the first week of it's release and sent in your receipt, Brenda Novak and 3 Custom Color Specialists sent you this gloss Killer Heat for free. I hoped on this deal as I love reading and this hit my genre perfectly as it was a murder mystery/romance. Plus who would pass up a free lip gloss?

Three Custom Color Specialists describe the gloss as a sheer red with a subtle champagne shimmer. On the website their swatches are way off, much darker than real life, though the description is accurate.
The gloss comes in a tub (unfortunately, I always find these kind of messy) that has a neat swivel cap that clicks into place. I really like the design of the packaging as it's very unique and you can see the product really well. 
Swatch on hand (two swipes, partially overlapped)
The gloss itself is nice, more pigmented than I thought it would be and it looks quite natural on the lips. Very youthful, just ate some berries type of look. It isn't sticky at all and it feels light on. It's not a bright or dark colour, but I think it will look nice especially during the coming holiday season. The gloss isn't very moisturizing, as in I don't think it adds too much moisture to my lips, but I don't think it takes away moisture either. Though it certainly makes them look moisturized as you'll see in the lip swatches.
Without Gloss (Sorry my lips are all chapped!)
With Gloss (More moisturized looking, eh?)

Overall, I like the gloss, I think it's pretty and subtle without being so subtle that I feel I'm not getting any pigment at all for my money. Would I pay the $21.50 USD for the product by itself? Honestly, no. I just can't get over the mess factor. I like applying the product straight to my lips, so unless it came with a lip brush that could click in somehow it's just not practical for me. Plus for that price I tend to go for more fantastic/interesting looking colours, as this one isn't too unique.

In fact when I first put it on I was immediately reminded of The Body Shop's Born Lippy tinted lip balm pots. However, when I went to swatch them for this post I found the 3CCS one much more pigmented, and less sticky than TBS ones, however as the 3CCS one has no smell, not as great smelling. Below I swatched my similar colour TBS balms next to the 3CCS Killer Heat for comparison.

Left to Right: TBS Raspberry, TBS Strawberry, 3CCS Killer Heat, TBS Cranberry
As you can see Killer Heat has much more pigment per product than TBS versions, which in my opinion is expected as it's 3 times the price!

Overall rating: 7/10 Points off for the lack of applicator and the fact the gloss didn't wow me. Plus the price (though with the book it was a good deal, wouldn't mind doing that again!)
Image from the 3 Custom Color Specialists website
Left to Right: White Heat, Killer Heat, Body Heat
P.S. There are two more shades 3CCS came out with to go with the other two books in Brenda Novak's Heat trilogy, White Heat and Body Heat. Click here to go check them out on the 3CCS website.

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