Thursday, February 10, 2011

NOTD: Borghese Stellare Notte

Move over Chanel Black Pearl, Borghese Stellare Notte has you beat! Big time! 
Much more like real black pearls, Stellare Notte is a dark gunmetal colour that has navy, dark green and deep purple reflects. (Click the picture below of real black pearls to see the other colours). Chanel's Black Pearl though gunmetal only reflects dark metallic green. 
I love the colour of this polish. Truly beautiful and unique, it's constantly subtly changing colour with the light reflecting off my nails. Pictures alone can't capture it's potential but I'm sure going to try!
You can see some of the slight multi-colour effect here
Showing mainly Emerald green
Another slight multi-colour picture (Hint: look at the edges of parts of the nail)
Showing as a rich purple
Though the colour is magnificent, I wasn't as thrilled with the formula of this one. I found it slightly too thick, so I'm going to need to add some thinner to it. It needed three coats (which I don't think is great for such a dark shade) and as you can see some of my nails got a nicer finish than others due to some glooping issues. It's now day three and I'm getting some major tip ware and some chipping so it didn't last too long unfortunately. Personally, I think this is a nicer colour/version of Chanel's Black Pearl for a much better price! (I got  is on sale in the U.S. for $4.99), though it is a harder brand to find here in Canada (I've seen a couple bottles in Shopper's Drug Mart but not many and no where else). As a plus I really like the bottle design too. :D

Overall, I like this polish for it's unique colour and I think the formula is easily dealt with with some polish thinner.

Sprite Rating: 8/10- Lost points for wear time and thick formula (but gained a ton for how realistic to actual black pearls this comes!)

Would I buy this again? Yes. Even with all the issues, I love the colour enough that they're worth it!


  1. I have and LOVE this polish! Looks great on you. Your nails have really grown!

  2. Thanks! It's the Nail Tek II stuff! It has helped my nails so so MUCH! They're strong and healthy again which means I can have them longer! *hugs*It's been a huge HUGE godsend!

  3. Wow! :( Too bad it seems to be too much of a hassle though. but that colour? So worth it I think!
    Have a great one! x

  4. That's great. I'll keep my eye out for more at the discount stores.