Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Peacocky Kissable Lip Colours~ Review

I know I already have swatches up for these but I thought I'd include the lip swatches too. Plus this will be a mini review. I just bought another shade in these Kissable Lip Colors- Flaunting It (a greyed mauve), and I'm hoping it will make it to me this weekend (if so I'll add another lip swatch near the bottom of this post). What I really like about these is the texture. They feel so cushy and plush when on. They actually feel moisturizing which I really like. Plus once these dry down they last much longer than my typical glosses and about the same as some of my longer wearing lipsticks.
On top of that they're so darn pigmented! You can put on the slightest amount for a lightened version or layer it for a darker shade that is closer to the bottle colour.
Love Peck- Layered
Above is a heavy or two layered swatch of Love Peck. And I love this shade! Vampy red when layered but very much a dark berry shade when sheered and it really makes my pale skin pop, as well as my teeth look whiter!
Love Peck- One Layer

Here you can see more of the berry tone to this when you only apply one layer. Or if you blot you'll get more of a raspberry shade as seen below.
Love Peck- Blotted
Unfortunately this shade bleeds a smidge (not much but a little as can be seen in the photo above) and because it's so pigmented you need to make sure you apply it precisely or else you'll end up with pink stain where you don't want it. 
Peacocky, though in the bottle has a slight red iridescence, doesn't have it when applied. It's also a shocking colour that is going to scare most people. Alot. However, I don't own a blue and felt that I should as lately I've been feeling punkish. 
Two layers- slightly lighter in real life
Peacocky isn't nearly as opaque as Love Peck but it still makes a statement! I also works well over too orange reds and purples to darken and cool the colours. As a plus it too makes my teeth look whiter! Feels just as nice as Love Peck and shares it's issues too.

Sprite Rating: 8/10- Lost points for difficulty to apply, slight bleeding of colour and price.
Would I buy again? Yes despite the issues I love the feel and wear of this formula. I highly recommend getting one of these from your Mac before they're all gone.


  1. I like the blue although wearing it regularly would get stares. I just wish people didn't think certain colors had to be applied only on certain parts of the face. Blue lips are cool as long as they aren't deathly looking.

    Okay, I will get off my soapbox now. LOL

  2. @ Olivia: Thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! I quite like blue lips and I just ordered a green lipstick! I can't wait to wear it either!