Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencil~ Swatches and First Impression

Makeup by Urban Decay at ShopStyle

I don't know if you've heard but Urban Decay recently released their new Cream Eyeshadow Pencil products called 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils, after their famous 24/7 pencil liners. Like the liners these are super pigmented, creamy, soft, lovely eyeshadow pencils. Unfortunately you have to sharpen them, they don't turn up via a mechanism at the bottom (they should!) but I got a chance to swatch them and they were as great as expected from Urban Decay, super fun colours in vivid hues and awesome rich pigmentation. Here are the swatches!
All 12 shades!
There are twelve awesome shades some with slight duochrome, some almost matte, some with glitter and all great pigmentation! Plus if you like glitter I think this would be the way to go as you don't have to worry about glitter fallout with the creamy shadow base holding it.
Top L-R: Clash, Clinic
Bottom L-R: Narc, Midnight Cowboy
Clash- Bright Turquoise with Silver Sparkle
Clinic- Emerald Green with Silver Sparkle
Narc- Mossy Green
Midnight Cowboy- Beige with Silver Sparkle
Top L-R: Rehab, Mercury
Middle L-R: Wasteland, Barracuda
Bottom L-R: Clash, Clinic
Rehab- Taupe
Mercury- Gunmetal (Grey)
Wasteland- Dark Brown
Barracuda- Black with Silver Sparkle
Top L-R: Sin, Lit
Middle L-R: Delinquent, Morphine
Bottom: Rehab, Mercury
Sin- (Pink) Champagne
Lit- Golden Bronze
Delinquent- Dark Purple with Bright Purple Sparkle
Morphine- Light Purple with Pale Blue Shift

So what do you think? I love the look of these and just from swatching I can tell you these take scrubbing and make-up remover to get off! I'm especially interested in Clinic, Delinquent, Mercury (nicer in real life than in my photos!), Morphine and Sin. What about you, which ones do you like the look of? They retail for $20 USD.

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