Monday, September 13, 2010

But I Don't Want It To JUST Prime!

Primers, I've found have moved from just bases to make foundation last longer into a product that does many things, both aesthetically and preferably health-wise as well. Personally, I want quite a bit from my primers, especially because foundations have made such leaps in wear time lately (Estee Lauder Double Wear is a favourite of mine, and everything I've heard about the to be released (already out in the UK) Mac Pro Longwear is positive).
I know many people are confused about the point of primers, and so in continuation of the theme for the last couple of days, I thought I'd list the things I expect and demand my primer to do and things I'd consider a bonus if my primer could do (that I've seen primers advertise to do this- I swear I'm not going to make up fantastical benefits such as create gold over night, I promise!) Of course, take into account that these may not be exactly what everyone is looking for but just to give a general idea. :D


  • Extend foundation wear time (i.e. keep the foundation on, and looking nice the whole day long)
  • Make the foundation apply easier
  • Minimize the look of pores and fine lines
  • Be free from silicones and other acne causing ingredients! (i.e. mineral oil is not appreciated!)
  • Dry fairly quickly and actually soak into the skin, no oily residue or feeling afterwards
  • Reduce oiliness as the day goes on (or doesn't make me feel as oily as normal)
  • Doesn't have a smell that puts me off
  • Has decent packaging for easy dispensing, and doesn't let the product evaporate or go off
  • Does NOT ball up under foundation

  • Makes my skin look luminous, hides redness, evens skin tone etc. with a slight tint (Can you tell I'm still mourning the blue MUFE HD primer?)
  • Smells nice
  • Soothes irritation (redness)
  • Works to minimize pore size and fine lines over time
  • Works to make skin more hydrated
  • Works to keep skin elastic and youthful (anti-aging/ prevention benefits)
  • Sun protection from UVA and UVB that won't sting when going on and won't cause break outs
  • Has acne fighting benefits
  • Is priced well
  • Has a pump and can be placed standing on a flat surface (i.e. vanity table)
So, what am I using at the moment? A sample of the Nars non-SPF primer, but I'm almost out (as in I have enough for today) and I hope to get more samples of some other primers this coming weekend to try out, heres what I may try out (as samples, I'm a university student, I don't have the moola to buy all these!):

--> Korres Silicone-free Natural Origin face primer (I had a sample of this before, but other reviews scared me off from using it as it supposably acne causing. Not to mention it looks quite gloopy and thick.): They say it improves condition of skin with anti-oxidants, preps skin for foundation so it applies better (implied it will last longer), and reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines. Also is silicone free.

--> Cargo Activating Face Primer (I'm doubting I'll be able to try this as it's not available in my Sephora and Canada doesn't have Ulta *sigh*): Said to reduce shine, be oil and silicone free, refine pores, visibly reduce wrinkle appearance, and will make skin look better in 30 days.

--> Tarte Recreate Primer: It's suppose to increase skins moisture, decrease the appearence of pores, make foundation last longer and apply better, have an anti-inflammatory effect, improve skin condition and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Honestly it'd be great if it will do all these things, but I'm a little skeptical as Tarte has had many claims before on past items I've tried that haven't lived up to their claims (such as the lip stain pencils). Also silicone free.

How about everyone else? What primers are you using at the moment? What primers are you itching to try out, or look great to you?

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