Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NOTD: Wet n Wild Limitless 445C Paradoxal's Fraternal Twin?

In the centre of the bottle you can see the slight blue-purple shimmer.

As Chanel's Paradoxal has been a hit since it came out and seems to be one of the in fashion colours for fall, I've been attempting to find some possible dupes for you that are along the same line as paradoxal, hopefully don't cost an arm and a leg (I happen to know most of you still need those limbs, I sure do!) and is of course is from a cruelty-free brand. By chance, as my younger sister is going off to university for the first time this semester, she basically handed me a bunch of polish, and then said she would ask to borrow them from me. Promptly following this was a pleased look at her nice clean dresser top at home leaving mine to be doomed to storage. 
In Sunlight
The bright point to this story though was that this little gem was amongst the polishes. A dark ashy grey-purple this wet and wild colour is truly lovely to look at. With its cream base, it also has a slight purple-blue flash that subtly shows up every once in awhile much like the Chanel polish.

Limitless unfortunately has its limits. It took three miserable coats to apply before the polish was opaque (though they did dry quickly), and after three days of wear (with a base and top coat) is chipping like polish that has been on for much longer, as in about a week.
A slightly blurry picture trying to capture the shimmer. Click to see larger.

Indoor artificial light showing Limitless more steel grey
As you can see from the pictures Limitless does show a multitude of colours and shades it appears on the nail, and aside from the formulation it's a great colour. 
I actually wasn't sure whether or not to do this post as I'm almost 100% positive Wet n' Wild is not selling this shade (nor this polish line!) anymore. Maybe if we all mailed asking them to bring this colour out again in one of the new lines of polish they have out?

Overall Rating: 4/10 ('cause the formula is crumby but the colour is awesome!)

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