Monday, January 24, 2011

Lorac Spring Releases!

Eye Shadow by LORAC at ShopStyle

Hello everyone! I just wanted to quickly say thank-you to all of my followers! I recently passed 50 which is huge for me so thank-you to everyone!
To the more interesting things! Lorac has just released a bunch of awesome looking things for Spring and the above palette is one of them! The Multiplex 3D eyeshadow palette is a really great looking palette filled with duochrome eyeshadows (and one with holographic glitter)! I love duochrome shadows, they happen to be my favourite and they always look great on as it always looks like you've done more work applying eyeshadow colours than you actually have. The palette is limited edition and has a faux-animal skin cover to it in blue. The six colours shown are a gold with a pink reflect, Amber-Bronze with a gold reflect, a Mac Club dupe (Red-Brown with green reflect), Silver with white reflect, Royal blue with electric blue reflect, and a Midnight black with holographic glitter. Doesn't that sound lovely even if most of us already own one of the many multitudes of Club that all the brands seem to have come out with? According to Sephora it is worth $108 USD but as always the palette is significantly less at $38 USD. Looks like a great palette to be used all year round to me as there are shades there that can work in multiple seasons.

Lip Gloss by LORAC at ShopStyle

They've also released a new shade of the Multiplex 3D lipglosses in this set of two. I love the three shades of this that I have as they smell good, are really unique shade-wise and are non-sticky! The new shade is a bubblegum pink with 3D glitter (never seen 3D glitter but it sounds interesting) called 4D and 3D the rose-bronze shade that also has 3D glitter. The set costs $28 USD are the two glosses are full size which is a good deal if you like both colours are normally the glosses cost $22 USD each.

Makeup by LORAC at ShopStyle

This is a product of which I've not seen anything similar to before. Called 3D liquid lustre Lorac states this is a "shimmering top coat for the eyes or cheeks". Not too sure how you'd go about using it but it sure looks opalescent! It's supposed to be safe for contact wearers as well and is actually a liquid. Sephora goes onto say that it's a "long lasting liquid shimmer [that] can be applied over eyeshadow or worn alone on eyes or cheeks for prismatic, three dimensional sparkle and shine." It's sparked my interest enough to want to check it out at least! The vial contains 0.17 oz and costs $16 USD, it's also only available in the shade shown.

Mascara by LORAC at ShopStyle

Also for eyes is a new mascara called Multiplex 3D Lashes Volumizing and Thickening Mascara. Only in black though so I'm not sure how that is supposed to be 'Multiplex'. They state it's smudge-resistant and build-able as well as being nourishing to the lashes while still providing "Maximum coverage and length". The packaging has holographic lettering on it which you can't see in the above photo unfortunately so it at least looks glitzy! It holds 0.43 oz and costs $22 USD.

Eyeliner by LORAC at ShopStyle

Sephora also says this Waterproof 3-in-1 Eyeliner Pencil is new as well. It comes with a smudger, a sharpener and it's retractable all while being toted to have an intense creamy application. Like all twist ups though it only holds 0.02 oz of product and still costs $18 USD. It does come in three colours though Aubergine (royal purple), Chocolate (Brown) and Ultra Black.

Though not new, has anyone tried the Lorac Creamy Brow pencil?

Eyebrow Enhancers by LORAC at ShopStyle

I want to try it (they have an Auburn shade!) as my current brow pencil reacts badly with my skin, but I don't know too much about it. Sephora doesn't have much of a description. Any comments good or bad on it? (Other than the insane $19 USD price tag?) Any other brow products in Auburn to try?

What do you think of Lorac's new offerings?

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