Saturday, January 8, 2011

Peacocky Haul, Swatches, and Comparisons

One of the Kissable Lipcolours were already sold out!
I'm sure most of you know that the Peacocky collection has been released into stores this week! I Went yesterday, the day after the release of the collection and was able to play for a good 15 minutes as well as take pictures and swatch to my heart's content. Yay for the super friendly Mac Artists!

I love the layout of this collection like a Peacock with it's tail feathers spread, I think that's really creative! I only bought four items but I wanted so many more! There was just so many wonderful highly pigmented colours in this collection! The only thing I was disappointed in was the Peak-at-You eyeshadow. It lacked pigmentation and sheen. Other than that I loved the formula of both the Mega Metal Shadows and the Kissable Lip Colours but more on that later! Here's a closer look at the eyeshadows.
Closer look at all the shadows (sorry for the washed out shades!)
Top L-R: Odalisque, Tweet me, Prance, Peak-At-You, Dalliance, Paparazz-she, Spectacle of Yourself, Centre Stage, Unflappable
Middle row L-R: Noir Plum, Ego, Mating Call, Sexpectations, Dandizette
Top of the Posh

And the washed out shades not washed out!
Top L-R: Tweet Me, Prance, Peak-at-You, Dalliance
Bottom L-R: Ego, Mating Call
And a couple of eyeshadow swatches from colours that interested me! I kept getting distracted by different colours I loved so much that I never got around to swatching all the eyeshadow colours but here is a bunch of Mega Metal eyeshadow swatches. Enjoy!
Top- Bottom L: Tweet Me, Dalliance, Prance
R: Soft Force
See how invisible Peak-at-You is? So disappointing! And that was two swatches of colour compared to the one swatch I needed for the left colours! You can barely see it!
Top: Spectacle of Yourself
Bottom: Tweet Me
In other swatches of this I thought it was a lovely Indigo colour somewhere between blue and purple but in real life it looks like the photo above a denim blue colour so I was a bit disappointed. Lovely blue just not what I thought it was going to be.
I kept hearing things about Unflappable. That it was so unique and special. To be honest I didn't think so. Great pigmentation but to me it just looked like a neutral dark brown.

Next up is the Kissable Lip Colours which I did swatch all of the available ones for you all! Missing is Exxhibitionist.
L-R: Woo Me, So Vain, Temper Tantra, Peacocky, Super
L-R: Love Peck, Strut Your Stuff, Scandelicious (More Raspberry in real life), Vanity Fair, Flaunting It, Enchantee
The formula on these lip colours is amazing! I love the silky and moisturizing feeling that they go on with, no stickyness AT ALL! They then dry down a bit to a drier more longer lasting finish. And you need so little to get major colour pay off! Love Peck looks almost black here but when sheered out onto the lips it becomes a lovely dark berry shade. I highly recommend these if you see a shade you like! I know I want more than just the two I bought! The nice bit about the darker colours is that they stain you lips as well so even if you eat you still have a light stain of colour left over! Wonderful!

Comparisons! I've got a couple comparisons between the colours to other brand shades or other Mac shades. Hopefully this is useful to some of you!
Top: Ego, Bottom: WnW Envy
Left: WnW Envy, Right: Ego
Gosh I want Ego so so so badly! But I told myself that Envy by Wnw is close enough that I do not need yet another green eyeshadow. They'll probably look the same on the eye. Even if it is my favourite dark green ever with such an amazing blue undertone.... *Tears*
Left: Nars Cheyenne Right: Spectacle of Yourself
I was a bit worried when I got Spectacle of Yourself that it would be too red and therefore too close to my cranberry shade in my NARS Cheyenne duo. Luckily I was wrong and they are different enough to justify me having both. Such wonderful colours!
Left: Spectacle of Yourself, Right: Nars Cheyenne
Left: Vex, Right: Dalliance
Many people are saying that Mac Vex is a dupe for Dalliance out with this collection. I am here to prove this WRONG! (Of course this may also be because Vex is my all time favourite).
Left: Dalliance, Right: Vex
Left: Vex, Right: Dalliance
As you can see when swatched Dalliance is a white-gold and Vex is a grey with pink reflect. Not the same at all!

The Kissable Lip Colours I purchased were Love Peck and Peacocky. The two eyeshadows are Dalliance and Spectacle of Yourself. I'll post lip swatches of the colours in a couple of days.
Love Peck

Spectacle of Yourself
Top: Spectacle of Yourself, Dalliance
What does everyone think? Great collection in my opinion!


  1. Great post :) I really like the Love Peck, might have to get it! But the Peacocky... am I blind or is that blue? Does it come out blue on your lips? Just thinking, because I would really like to see the looks on my family's faces if I'd show up with blue lips! Thanks for the swatches ;)

  2. @ Gudrun- I actually bought both! And yes it shows up Blue on your lips! I'll post lip pictures in the next few days as both are rather impressive! The formula is great on them!

  3. Dalliance speaks to the nudist side of me. BTW, left you a bloggy award:

  4. @ Olivia I am loving Dalliance it's such a beautiful colour especially on! Thanks so much for the award! I really appreciate it!

  5. Tweet me looks fab! Is it similar in color to mac's rubenesque paint pot?

  6. @ Anonymous: Yes Tweet Me is somewhere between Rubenesque and Melon pigment :D Hope that helps!