Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Manicure!

Not the greatest picture in the world with crappy cuticles and a large area where a hangnail caught, but the colour is nice yes? The last couple of days have been super hectic for me, we had family visit with my cousins two young children followed by catching my father's cold. Bleh for sore throats!
This colour is pretty darn awesome though for New Years don't you think? I used two of the Wet n' Wild Vixen Mitten holiday polishes The gold with silver holographic bars Donner and the small dainty mini silver holographic glitter Dasher! Plus it's held up so well, show is the morning of day three and no tip wear (to my eyes at least!) and no chips! Pretty good for drugstore polish doncha think?

Hope everyone's New Years rocked! Hopefully the new year will bring wonderful things to all of us!

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