Friday, December 31, 2010

Nail Tek II~ Review

I know this looks about as boring as boring can be but this little bottle has done miracles! I received this as a gift recently from a wonderful woman named Jennie who included it in her package because I was moaning on the nail forum on MUA about my soft and peely nails. After putting polish on them pretty much straight for months at a strech my nails had been reduced to soft brittle beings from their former strong flexible glory. I had to keep cutting them all the time because the layers of the nail would separate from the tip down, sometimes becoming quite sore. Not to mention my polish often didn't look that great as the nail would break beneath it. To say this was frustrating would be an understatement.
Splitting Nail (Before Nail Tek II)
I've used this as a base coat for four manicures now and my nails are almost back to their full strength and glory. I noticed a difference right away after the first manicure and three polish changes later I'm astounded. I can't believe how much of a difference this treatment has made. I don't really have an after photo for you as they just look like normal nails though if you take a look-see at the Guns and Roses Nail of the Day you can see my most recent manicure. Before this I tried Gelous which can be purchased at Sally Beauty and though it helped a little in reducing the peeling I'd get on the surface of my nails when I'd remove polish it didn't help with the cracking separating nail tips. Plus I've had good wear with Nail Tek II as a base coat which is a bonus. (Gelous works well as a base coat too). The only thing to keep in mind with Nail Tek II as a base coat is that all the polish may come off at once which is startling the first couple times it happens as its often still in the shape of your nail. Now I just think its funny when this happens instead of weird when it first occurred.
I'm not going to swatch this for you as you can see that it's transparent. But it dries quickly and is super easy to apply. It's sort of expensive, averaging around $10 USD but you can get it for much less as I know Ross in the States was selling it for around $5 and transdesign online has it for around $5 USD as well.

Sprite Rating: 10/10 There is nothing bad about this product!
Would I buy it again? YES! I'm already on the look out here in Canada for another bottle because I don't want to worry about running out!


  1. I will be looking around for this as well because it sounds great. Thanks!

  2. I honestly didn't think something topical was going to work and I was going to have to have a diet change big time to fix my nails but this stuff worked! (Though for health reasons I'm still going to try and add more protein!) I'm just so happy with how effective it is!

  3. thanks! but do you think your nails could become dependant on this stuff, and then longterm it wouldn't work?

    1. Hey Sam, thanks for your comment! I actually have found that I don't need to use it as often as I used to to keep my nails looking nice and that one coat every once in a while provides enough upkeep for my nails. I'm still completely impressed with this stuff over a year later which usually never happens. Best of luck!