Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NOTD: Christmas Day and Guns & Roses

I've fallen behind guys and I'm sorry! Hopefully this will make up for it a bit! Two Nail of the Days in one! First up is my crazy christmas manicure, Sinful Colors San Fransico (Emerald Green) then on top I've got either Nicole OPI Spark my Mistletoe (red with silver holographic bits) or Sinful Colors (which I can't remember the name of- but it's gold fine glitter with a very small amount of red throughout).
 Next up I've got Color Club Revvvolution! With Konad stamp with a rose! (Please forgive my imperfect konad stamps, this is my first try!)
The ring finger has the slight holographic speckle
Revvolution is hailed as a holographic gunmetal grey/ Charcoal colour. It is gorgeous but mostly the holographic doesn't show up and it normally looks like an actual brushed metal with the silver bits in it. 
Really bad lighting
For the reviewer who asked for Revvvolution hope this helps! I found that this was an awesome polish. Shown above is only one coat and it applied really well. Its only the second day of course but no tip wear though I do have some subtle chips due to my nails beneath the polish rather than the polish itself. Plus it's very unique, not too expensive and completely vegan and non-animal testing. Love it!

Sprite Rating: 9/10 (Because the holo doesn't really show up!)
Would I buy it again? Yes!


  1. Thanks for showing Revvvolution! I was hoping it'd be a bit more holo-y; eh I'll probably buy it anyway though haha :)

  2. pretty nailpolish! btw, Im a new follower, thanks

  3. @ Gudrun I love the roses too!
    @C No problem! I was really interested to see how it looked on as well! I was hoping for more of a holo effect but it's still a unique polish unlike anything else I own!
    @Chantzy Welcome! Thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoy future posts here at Hebridean Sprite Beauty!