Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shopper's Drug Mart Holiday Special Gifts

I was just a Shopper's Drug Mart (SDM) the other day and they had a bunch of really neat holiday special items out on display. The Quo ones were great especially!
The two shadows by Quo on display
My favourite were the two Holiday palettes of eyeshadows. Though I'm betting they're overspray the detail work is so stunning in gold and of course the underlying colours are lovely looking too! These cost around $13 CND each if I remember correctly. 
Earth Quo Holiday
Mauve Quo Holiday

Top of the eyeshadow cases (with a light reflect from overhead lamp *hand forehead*)

Isn't this awesome!? Magnetic travel brushes you just pull off and switch without having to bring the entirety of your brushes with you on vacation! All a lovely royal blue colour. I'm fairly sure they're all synthetic bristles but I'm not positive so check yourself at the store if you're interested and that's important to you. Cute and practical for $35 CND. And from previous Quo brushes I can say they are decent quality for sure. 
Isn't this kit awesome!? Nail Dryer, Nail buffer/shaper, 9 nail polishes, hand and cuticle cream, and a couple nail brushes as well as a random white pencil. Overall for $20 CND an awesome deal if you're interested at all (though I know nothing about the company and their animal testing status- sorry!)

That's all the cosmetics for now but I saw a bunch of other cute holiday things so I felt I had to include them as well. Enjoy!
The Abominable Snowman and the Dentist Elf
Form the Classic Rudolph movie as a kid there was stuffed toys of a bunch of the characters so cute!
Rudolph and Clairice

Giant Rudolph and the Snowman Narrator

Adorable little Swarovski Crystal Reindeer (Not SDM)
Swarovski Crystal Stockings and Holly

More Swarovski Crystal only Snow people and a Poinsettia 


  1. Happy Birthday! And thank you for these pictures.

  2. Sorry to brother you! I am just try to find out:does Quo brush cruetly free?
    I google it, but can't really get the answer.
    Some say Quo doesn't test on animal and some say they do.
    Love Quo, but want to make sure they are not test on animal and cruetly free.
    Do you know the answer.Thank you so much!

  3. @ Tempera thanks so much!
    @ DixieatCamelotSqr: Quo is difficult to find information on, so it's not a bother for you to ask. To the best of my knowledge they don't test on animals but some of their brushes are made from animal hair so you do need to be careful when you buy and check whether the bristles are synthetic or not. The company that owns Quo has a strangley worded policy but it seems alright to me. Hope that helps! Happy Holidays!