Friday, December 10, 2010

NOTD: Christmas Party! (WnW Prancer and Confetti My Favorite Martian)

It's my birthday today! I'm now twenty-one and I figured I needed to catch up on my posting, most especially because I'm going to have to send my computer away for repairs *cries*. I hope you enjoy!
Recently I was sent the entire Wet n' Wild holiday collection as well as three Confetti polishes and two Nail Tek polishes from a lovely lady named Jennie! She blew me away with her generosity. This Nail of the Day is with some of the polishes she sent me.
Please excuse my sad cuticles and lack of clean up, honestly I can never really get my nails anywhere near as perfect as the nail bloggers out there! For this manicure I used Nail Tek II nail strengthener for a base with 2-3 coats of Confetti My Favorite Martian as the main colour. (Note, I can't find anything out about the Confetti brand except that they're going out of buisness, no animal testing status, sorry! I've tried!) On top of this lovely yellow-green jelly with light green flecks is Prancer from the Vixen Mittens collection with Nail Tek Quick Dry on top.
I found My Favorite Martian slightly difficult to work with as it was translucent for most layers. I love Prancer though, so adorable and the red sparkles are so bright at times I can see red light reflected off my nails. I find this polish combo very holiday festive and I'm loving holding it up against holiday decorations like the christmas tree and the poinsettia. What do you think? Like it or just not feeling it?
Normally I like bluer greens but this one I think works here.
I should have all my birthday gifts (at least the Make-up ones!) sometime today or tomorrow! So stay tuned :D
And here is some pictures of the polish in front of christmas decorations hehe :D


  1. Happy Bday! Hope you have many more wonderful ones! And I love the polish!

  2. @jaybird: Thanks so much Jennie! *hug*
    @Olivia: Thanks I loved the polish too! And thanks for the well wishes!
    @ Anna: Thanks Anna! Love the horse for your profile pic!